REPORT MTV’s The Challenge: Rivals III cast revealed!


UPDATE: It has been confirmed season 28 will be Rivals III. MTV released a teaser clip of the season as well as provided a premiere date of May 2016. Click here to check it out.


We’re in the midst of season 27 of MTV’s The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines, but that’s not stopping die-hard fans from uncovering secret details about next season.

Last month, helicopter contracted by MTV crashed in Argentina, killing two people. News of the crash confirmed the network was working on The Challenge: Rivals III.

Online sleuths have done additional digging and think they know all the details for season 28 including the cast, location, and film dates.

According to one report, the cast departed on November 4th and were said to be heading to Huatluco, Mexico. So why was the helicopter in Argentina? The crash occurred about five weeks after the rumored start of the season so it’s possible Argentina is a secondary filming location—possibly for the finale?

This time around, even more fresh faces from Are You the One? are included in the cast, much to the dismay of seasoned fans of The Challenge. There are a total of 13 male/female teams with one alternate team.

1. Ashley Mitchell (Real World: Explosion)
ashley mitchell

2. Averey Tressler (Real World: Portland)
Avery Tresser

3. Briana Lacuesta (Are You The One? Season 2)
brina lacuestra

4. Camila Nakagawa (Spring Break Challenge)
Camila Nakagawa

5. Cheyenne Floyd (Are You The One? Season 3)
cheyenne floyd

6. Christina LeBlanc (Are You The One? Season 2)
christina leblanc

7. Jenna Compono (Real World: Explosion)
Jenna Compano

8. Jessica McCain (Real World: Portland)
jessica mccain

9. KellyAnne Judd (Real World: Sydney)

10. Nany Gonzalez (Real World: Las Vegas 2011)

11. Nicole Ramos (The Challenge: Bloodlines)
Nicole ramos

12. Sarah Rice-Patterson (Real World: Brooklyn)
Sarah Rice

13. Simone Kelly (Are You The One? Season 1)
simone kelly

14. Amanda Garcia (Are You The One? Season 3) REPLACEMENT
amanda garcia

1. Brandon Tindel (Are You The One? Season 2)
Brandon tindel

2. Cory Wharton (Real World: Explosion)
cory wharton

3. Dario Medrano (Are You The One? Season 2)
dario medrano

4. Devin Walker (Are You The One? Season 3)
devin walker

5. Jamie Banks (The Challenge: Bloodlines)
jamie banks

6. Johnny Bananas (Real World: Key West)
johnny bananas

7. Johnny Reilly (Real World: Portland)
Johnny Riley

8. Leroy Garret (Real World: Las Vegas 2011)
Leroy Garrett

9. Nathan Sibenmark (Are You The One? Season 2)
nate siebenmark

10. Tony Raines (Real World: Skeletons)
tony raines

11. Thomas Buell (Real World: Explosion)
Thomas buelle

12. Vince Gilatta (The Challenge: Bloodlines)
Vince gliatta

13. Wes Bergmann (Real World: Austin)
Wes Bermann

14. Nelson Thomas (Are You The One? Season 3) REPLACEMENT
nelson thomas

One report also provides a run down of how the teams became rivals, in case you need a refresher:


Bananas & Sarah: Bananas and Sarah entered Battle of the Exes II with a long-running friendship, and alliance that had lasted through many of their past seasons. However, that season Sarah played the game to win and fought to remove her toughest competition from the game whenever the opportunity presented itself. After Johnny re-entered the game because of the Battle of the Ex-iled twist, they continued they play together until Sarah decided to send Johnny into the elimination against Leroy, which left Bananas bitter. He tortured Sarah until he got eliminated again.

Brandon & Briana: Briana disagreed with the way Brandon was playing the game during their appearance on Are You The One?: Puerto Rico, especially with Brandon’s unwillingness to separate from Christina.

Cory & Ashley: The pair met as roommates on Real World: Ex-Plosion. They got along until Ashley got drunk and disrespected Cory by telling him she could buy his family. After that night they continued to be on bad terms. After Ashley faced disagreements with many housemates, said she would only stay if the other roommates wanted her there. Cory was one of the four housemates to vote that Ashley leave, leading to her voluntary departure.

Dario & Nicole: Yet to be aired on Battle of the Bloodlines. (written on December 15)

Devin & Cheyenne: Cheyenne and Devin got into multiple fights Are You The One?: Hawaii (2015) because she didn’t like the way he treated women in the house.

Jamie & KellyAnne: Yet to be aired on Battle of the Bloodlines. (written on December 15)

Johnny & Jessica: Jessica never got along with Johnny and Averey on The Real World: Portland, as Jessica was called out for constantly needing attention by multiple housemates. Jessica also sided with Nia during a tense night out between Nia and Averey. They got into multiple verbal fights where Johnny made fun of Jessica’s weight, calling her a defect which made her cry multiple times, and on an aftershow Johnny disapproved of Jessica refusing to condemn Nia’s behavior in the house. Their rivalry continued on Free Agents when Jessica voted for Johnny to go into the elimination round (which was cancelled due to Frank Sweeney’s departure).

Leroy & Averey: Leroy eliminated Averey on Battle of the Exes II. On an episode of the aftershow, Leroy stated that he believed Johnny’s side of the story regarding Johnny and Averey’s breakup, mouthing on-stage that she was a liar.

Nathan & Christina: The pair got into multiple fights on their season of Are You The One?: Puerto Rico.

Thomas & Simone: The pair had gotten into a verbal altercation during Battle of the Exes II, which featured Simone splashing a cup of water in Thomas’ face. This fight had gone unaired on the actual season, but was shown in the Battle of the Exes II trailer.

Tony & Camila: They had an argument on the first episode of bloodline after her offended Camila sister.

Vince & Jenna: Yet to be aired on Battle of the Bloodlines. (written on December 15)

Wes & Nany: They were going at it during Battle of the exes 2.

Nelson & Amanda- They got into it on Are You The One? season 3.


Last year, we reported on the rumored cast of Bloodlines three months before MTV released the official list. It turns out each person named for the season was, in fact, a cast member!

If you consider the accuracy of speculation on past seasons, these reports are likely to be spot-on.

Thoughts on the upcoming Rivals III?



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