TEEN MOM Shen says she aborted twins at 6 months after being raped

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant Shen Facebook Live

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant grandma Shenandoah “Shen” Williams returned to the Facebook group Teen Mom Mama Drama (Unfiltered) for a Facebook Live session Thursday night and shared some shocking details from her past as part of a rant against Ashley Jones and Ashley’s mom, Pastor Tea.

I feel I should set the stage a little bit. Shen is very upset about a fake social media profile that was set up in her name, one she believes Pastor Tea created. This fake Shen profile apparently made a statement wishing that Pastor Tea would get raped, which sent Shen off the rails.

“I didn’t ever see the post,” Shen admits, “but when she starts saying ‘Tea Bag needs to be raped’ and –” Shen interrupts herself: “First of all, I’m a rape survivor. I got raped! I got pregnant with twins during that rape, and aborted them at six months because I was in denial!”

Shen seems to get a bit emotional, but remains just as angry. “That’s how I found out they were twins,” she adds, “because I almost died on that table!”

Shen then brings it all back on Pastor Tea. “So b*tch, for you to say that I would EVER mock ANY WOMAN to be raped — you f**king fat dirty b*tch!”

Shen would eventually calm down a bit and return to answering fan questions and responding to all of the recent drama between her, her son Bar, and Ashley.

UPDATE – Our sharing the story on Twitter sparked a conversation with Shen and other Twitter users in which she explained what happened a little more in-depth. Here are some excerpts from the impromptu Twitter Q&A:

TWEETER: This woman is Trailer trash. Let’s not glorify her or give her a platform. #makeitstop

SHEN: Sorry u feel that way. But i het your anger whayever makes u hide u can heal from. What ever ever hurts u will get better. But all my accomplishments and survival i am damn good trash. For u to spit hate and racism when I shared such intimate hurt tells me how sad u r and how much u are hurt. U have been hurt deeply. Come to my group and i so have an be at support system. And maybe u can share your story or maybe find a friend to help u thru this anger and racism u have towards people I wish u the best

TWEETER: At 6 months?! Real nice.

SHEN: It wasn’t nice i was in denial not knowing i was pregnant. I had 4 children at the time and I knew i didn’t have the ability or strength at the time to raise a child from such hurt and trauma. When i went to Dr and we knew i had to short them it wasn’t toll I was im surgery that i they even knew it was twins. So it was horrible but i did wjat o felt was best for me. We all deal with trauma different and that’s why we can’t judge until we know their story. What’s good for u may not be good for me. I get people may not agree but my choices were mine and for me not for the world to agree.

TWEETER: I think she said she did it bc of health issues. I didn’t watch the whole live so not sure.

SHEN: It was my circumstances and my ability to deal with it. Maybe not what others would do but i don’t judge any one for their decisions

TWEETER: She said she was in denial.

TWEETER: Denial doesn’t kill a baby at 6 months, a selfish broad does. 6 months is disgusting!

SHEN: Selfish i habe never been. I was a traumatized single mother of 4 and had some health issues . I made a decision that i believed at the time was best for us. I raised 47 kids selfish i have never been. But i expect people against abortion would be upset but I don’t judge what u feel is right for u. Sharing my story was to let all the women who have been thru it know we survive it. I cried I hurt but i did wjat was best for me i respect your opinion we all raised differently

TWEETER: I agree. While im@sorry she was raped- she should have been more responsible with the pregnancy and aborted as soon as she found out if that’s what she wanted. 6 months is WAY too late.

SHEN: I didn’t know until i went ro Dr. I was almost 6 months when i knew i was sad depressed and hurt by what happened and once I was able to come from that dark place I was able to feel again and went to Dr. I didn’t give intimate details but it was best for me. They never told me how far it was or that there were twins until after surgery.

SHEN: Its crazy i share a story of pain and people still spit hate. U can never understand what i went thru or any woman in that position u don’t know what i would do. I used to be the one saying why would a woman end life like that but all situations are different so I now understand some of the ladies decisions

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