UPDATE: Teen Mom Maci Bookout kicked out of hotel after drunken fight with Kyle King?

Teen Mom Maci Bookout and friends party in California January 2012

Teen Mom star Maci Bookout appears to officially be living like a rock star! The 20-year-old mother of one is currently in California to film for MTV and was reportedly booted from the Marriott hotel in Anaheim, California Saturday night after she got into a drunken fight with boyfriend Kyle King!

According to starcasm blog buddy The Ashley, Maci and Kyle “went all ‘Whitney and Bobby’ on each other after dinner and drinks at McCormick & Schmick’s restaurant.” There were numerous complaints about the noise from other hotel guests, and eventually Maci and her friends were asked to leave.

Here’s a photo of her hotel shared by Maci on Twitter just after she arrived, along with the tweet, “first night in socal.. in love”

Maci Bookout photo of the Anaheim Marriott hotel

The Ashley spoke to the security guard at the Marriott who says:

“They were drinking a lot the day before. But Saturday night we received a bunch of noise complaints and the last time we heard Maci and her boyfriend arguing. He called her white trash and a whore. The door was propped open and we entered. He had his hands on her arms. I told them to get out and that was pretty much it.”

Holy smokes! The “W” word! (And I don’t mean George Bush!)

Maci’s Twitter pal @swaysandusky shared this photo on Saturday of what appears to be Maci Bookout laughing and eating off the carpet of the hotel hallway:

Maci Bookout booted from Anaheim Marriott after drunken fight with Kyle King

And the party didn’t stop when the crew got the boot either! Maci and the Bookout Bunch were seen in the VIP section of the Heat Ultra Lounge Sunday night continuing to get their party on! (Apparently it’s a 21-and-over club so Maci must have used some of her MTV muscle.)

It doesn’t appear as though the spat did any permanent damage to Maci and Kyle’s relationship though, at least if we go by subtle Twitter tweets. Maci retweeted these words of wisdom by Wiz Khalifa: “NEVER make permanent decisions on temporary feelings.” Kyle King followed that a few hours later with the tweet “New days” along with this photo of him and Maci:

Maci Bookout and Kyle King appear to make up after drunken fight at California hotel

According to The Ashley, Maci has relocated to a hotel in Los Angeles, closer to the studios where she will be doing her Teen Mom work. Her friends have apparently all headed back home and Maci looks to have a busy schedule through the end of the week. Earlier today she lamented, “fun weekend in Cali over, now its work time! here til friiiiday #grind”

No stranger to gettin’ her party on, Maci is usually pretty good at not letting things get out of hand to the point of generating tabloid and blog headlines. That being said, Kyle reportedly calling Maci a wh0re is troublesome, but otherwise this wasn’t exactly a jail-worthy incident or anything.

UPDATE – Kyle King just tweeted that there was “Deff no fight” between him and Maci and that they merely changed hotels to keep from having to drive as far:

Kyle King tweets about reported drunken fight with Maci Bookout

The Ashley also responded via Twitter, saying “Again… I stand behind my Maci story …the ashley would never stick her neck out for a story she couldn’t confirm #thatisall :-)” We’ve found that to be true with The Ashley so far, but it’s hard to know what’s really going on here. There’s probably some truth to both sides of the story, but Maci and Kyle seem to be still really into each other, so if they did fight, everything seems to be back to normal now.

What do you think? DO you believe the security guard or Kyle? Either way we don’t want Kyle and Maci to fight, they seem so good together! Plus, if this is true, is it really that big of a deal? This type of thing happens a lot with 20-somethings.

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