TEEN MOM Kyler Lopez and Lexi Tatman are married! See the wedding photos and video!

Kyler Lopez and Lexi Tatman wedding photos

Congratulations are in order for former Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant couple Kyler Lopez and Lexi Tatman as they got married this weekend in Las Vegas!

Lexi has been teasing the wedding on social media for months, but she hadn’t revealed the exact date. However, it was clear that the couple’s nuptials were imminent when Lexi shared some posts from Sin City over the past week. Kyler and Lexi were married in Las Vegas on Saturday, September 24.

We still don’t have specifics on the ceremony, but Lexi did share a video shot inside the Bellagio in which she is still wearing her wedding dress and Kyler is still in his wedding suit:

“Mr. & Mrs. Lopez 🤍” Lexi captioned the video. “09.24.2022 Las Vegas, NV🎰” County records confirm that Kyler and Lexi got their marriage license in Clark County, Nevada on Thursday, September 22.

UPDATE – On Monday, September 26, Lexi shared another photo from the wedding and talked a little bit more about it:

In the comments, Lexi addressed the negative responses:

To everyone who continues to bring up the past (5 years ago) Shut the f*** up❤️ for those who make comments about our appearance, we ain’t super models dummy, and for those who don’t know what to say, say congratulations or scroll ❤️ not your relationship, not your body, not your wedding, none of your business to comment.

Kyler also shared a post on Instagram, but his was a wedding photo of the couple that appears to have been taken outside on a sidewalk:

“Till death do us party,” Kyler captioned the image. He added the hash tags #youcanlookbutyoucanttouch, #wedding and #lasvegas.

Prior to the wedding, Lexi shared her excitement and confidence levels with a couple bikini snaps:

Lexi Tatman
Lexi Tatman bikini kiss with Kyler Lopez

Kyler and Lexi have two children together — soon-to-be five-year-old Tobias and his three-year-old little brother, Jay. If you’re curious what Kyler and Lexi have been up to over the past few years, here is a very condensed timeline:
August 26, 2019 – Lexi gives birth to her second child with Kyler. His name is Jay Wolfe Lopez and he was a HUGE surprise to Lexi’s followers as she was somehow able to keep the pregnancy a complete secret until after the birth!
December, 2019 – Lexi announces that she is no longer pursuing a career as a funeral director and instead plans to become a nail tech.

July, 2020 – Lexi gets her nail tech certification.

November, 2020 – Kyler and Lexi get engaged!
October, 2021 – Lexi reveals that she and Kyler have finally been able to move out of her mother’s house and into their own apartment.
December, 2021 – Kyler gets his commercial driver’s license from a truck driving school.

Here’s how the couple recapped the #Kylexi relationship on their wedding website for The Knot:

Kyler and I have been together for almost 9 years, we started dating when we were 13 and I knew he was the one (crazy I know). We have 2 wonderful boys we love to death, Tobias and Jay. In November 2020 kyler and I got engaged and we so excited to start out next chapter of our lives! After a few years we just decided to do a small destination wedding and can’t wait! For now we are keeping our location and date a surprise but had many requests for a registration. In lieu of gifts (as we have been living together for a while) we humbly ask you to donate to our honeymoon fund. Thank you for making our special day come true!❤️

Congratulations again to Mr. and Mrs. Lopez! We’ve been a huge fan of the couple for years, and we’re so pleased that they continue to live out their happily ever after together! We will keep an eye out and update if/when they post more wedding photos.

UPDATE – Another photo! (I believe the woman next to Lexi is one of her producers from when she was on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, and the mam beside Kyler is her husband.)

Lexi Tatman Kyler Lopez wedding photo Las Vegas

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