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On this week’s episode of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, pregnant Madisen Beith began to experience bleeding and was concerned that she may be suffering a miscarriage. The only person she felt she could call to take her to the hospital was her stepmom, Christina. But, Madisen hadn’t told her dad (Nick) or Christina about the pregnancy yet.

Christina took Madisen to the emergency room, and the doctors confirmed that she had suffered a miscarriage. In addition to dealing with the physical and emotional aftermath of the miscarriage, Madisen also had to deal with getting the silent treatment from Nick and Christina.

“I moved to Ohio just because me and my dad we’ve always been so close,” Madisen said during a confessional segment, “but after having the miscarriage, I haven’t heard a damn thing. I’m just — I’m really upset, and I’m hurt, And I feel super isolated.”

Christina And Nick On Madisen’s Miscarriage

The scene cut to Christina and Nick at another location talking about the emergency room trip and finding out about the pregnancy.
“I guess the first thing that popped in my head was, ‘How stupid could she be?'” Nick admitted.
“I know there was lots of things that I wanted to say and talk about, but it just wasn’t the time,” Christina added. “Let her get through this whole physical and emotional thing.”

Nick agreed, and revealed that was the reason he chose not to go to the hospital. “That’s why I didn’t go, because I wouldn’t have had anything good to say, and Madisen wouldn’t have liked it,” he said. “There are steps you can take to keep from having kids. Take those steps. Especially when you’re just starting out and everything’s a f***ing struggle.”

Christina brings up Madisen and Christian’s relationship issues as one of the many struggles the young parents are currently facing. “I think another kid would be the worst thing for them,” Nick replied. “I think that would be the straw that broke the camel’s back with them two.”

Nick admitted that the second pregnancy was having a negative impact on his close bond with his daughter because he was afraid of their inevitable conversation about it. “I’d say it’s distanced me a little bit from Madisen because I’m worried she’s gonna say something and start talking about it and I’m going to just —
Christina interrupted: “be honest about your feelings about the situation.”
“Exactly,” Nick said. “And then she’s gonna be all pissy about it. I think that she should at least take some advice into consideration. You know? I should have,” Nick concludes, referencing the fact that he had Madisen at a young age.

Madisen and Nick Finally Talk

Roughly a week after Madisen’s miscarriage and emergency room visit, Christina and Nick came by to visit and finally break the silence. The interaction went exactly how Nick feared it would.
The conversation started with Christina asking how Madisen was doing, and then it turned to how shocked Christina and Nick were to find out Madisen was pregnant again.

“That wasn’t how I wanted to tell y’all,” Madisen admitted. Christina pointed out how difficult it would be having a second child in their current situation. “I never felt to begin with that now was a right time to have a baby,” Madisen confessed.
Madisen’s boyfriend Christian agreed. “It’s like she says, it’s not like we were trying. But, once it happened, we were happy about it,” he said.
“What reason really would I have to get an abortion or something. Like, what would my reason be?” Madisen asked.
“Because it’s really difficult,” Christina answered, “and you want to give [your daughter Camille] the world.”

This clip posted by the Teen Mom Instagram account picks up the scene at this moment:

Madisen Beith Responds To The Scene

After the episode aired, Madisen took to Instagram to respond to those criticizing her.

Just to be clear, I never wanted my dad to grieve, I never just wanted to be showered with sympathy. All I wanted was a hug & maybe, “it will be okay,” because he’s my DAD.

Plus, this was like the first convo I had with him after the miscarriage. He showed me he was not there for me, that is why I walked off.

Obviously I knew it was for the best. But you don’t tell someone that. Especially just days after. It is very insensitive.

Also, yes, I was immature during the sex convo. I just had a miscarriage. I was not interested in talking to them about all of that. Especially when I felt like I already didn’t have support from them on the other side. I was hurt and my hormones were still all out of whack.

You live and you learn.

Neither Nick nor Christina have responded to the episode on social media.

To find out whether or not Madisen is able to repair things with her dad and Christina, be sure to tune in for new episodes of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant airing Tuesday nights at 9/8c on MTV.

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