Teen Mom Chelsea Houska and Jamie Lynn Spears arrange play date via Twitter

Jamie Lynn Spears and Chelsea Houska arrange play date for Maddie and Aubree

Over 3.2 million viewers tuned in to watch Tuesday night’s dramatic episode of Teen Mom 2 which featured a paternity suit, a Jenelle Evans cat fight, a rather unenviable bathtub, a Kieffer Delp (and hoodie) kidnapping, and another emotional break up between Chelsea Houska and her on-again, off-again boyfriend Adam Lind. Among the 3.2 million watching all the drama unfold was none other than Britney’s little Jamie Lynn Spears, who sent this sympathetic tweet to Chelsea:

Jamie Lynn Spears tweets at Teen Mom Chelsea Houska

Chelsea responded with appreciation and pretty soon the two had set up a potential play date for their daughters Maddie (3) and Aubree (2)!

Chelsea Houska Jamie Lynn Spears tweet
Teen Mom Chelsea Houska arranges play date with Jamie Lynn Spears
Jamie Lynn Spears and Teen Mom Chelsea Houska arrange play date

The play date might seem a bit far fetched given the fact that Jamie Lynn Spears resides near Nashville, Tennessee and Chelsea Houska is all the way up in South Dakota, but it’s not so infeasible when you consider Chelsea is currently in Florida and plans to return this weekend. Perhaps she could get a layover in Nashville and make this superstar teen mom play date happen sooner rather than later! (I’m sure Chelsea’s Britney fanatic cast mate Kailyn Lowry is shaking her head as I type.)

In other Chelsea Houska Twitter news, guess which member of the Houska fam has finally joined the Twitterverse? Nope, not Aubree. It’s the reality star I most want to sit down and watch a football game with (and get my teeth cleaned by), Dr. Randy Houska! Send him a loving, welcoming tweet to @PapaRandlicious! (Haters will not only be ignored, but also chastised by awesome people)

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