VIDEO Deena does a Blunder Woman face plant on Jersey Shore back deck Astro Turf

Deena Cortese drunk

There are a lot of things meatballs don’t get along with, and gravity is certainly one of them. Check out this hilarious clip of Jersey Shore star Deena Nicole Cortese doing her best intoxicated Blunder Woman impression by swinging Mike’s exercise bands around her head before getting wrapped up and face planting into a piece of deck furniture:

That is what I call a meatballerina! There is beauty in complete gracelessness, no?

I think my favorite part is drunken Snooki afterward slurring the obvious, “Why would you do that? Why would you dooooo that?”

And just in case you wanted to relive the moment over and over and over and over again until the end of time, here’s an animated gif of Deena Deena Meatballerina:

Jersey Shore animated gif Deena Cortese drunk and falling

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