Teen Mom 3’s Lekota and Matt McCann welcome son Matty, Jr.

Lekota McCann son Matty Jr

The improbable happy ending for Teen Mom 3 dad Matthew McCann and wife Lekota continues as the couple welcomed their newborn son, Matthew Milton McCann Jr., on Friday, January 15!

Lekota documented the entire birth on Twitter and Instagram, including this great photo of herself and Matt in a hospital bed together just before the birth:

Lekota and Matthew McCann before birth of their son Matty

“The love of my life and I are about to embark on a crazy adventure together called parenthood,” Lekota wrote. “Words can’t describe how much I am in love with him, how exciting this all is and how blessed we are ???

Matty was born in the wee hours of the morning, and just before noon, Lekota shared the happy news with fans along with the first photo of little Matty being held by his proud, bearded pop:

Teen Mom 3 Matthew McCann baby son Matty

“This morning at 2:24 AM, Matthew Milton McCann Jr entered this world weighing 7 pounds and 12 ounces,” the new mom captioned the Instagram photo above. “He’s 20.5 inches long. He gave this momma hands down one of the easiest births a first time mom could have asked for and he’s already latching like a champ! Daddy and I are so proud of you Matty!!!”

Later Lekota shared a photo (below) of just little Matty and wrote, “I can’t even begin to get over the fact that with some help from Matt, my body created this little man. The miracle of life is such an overwhelming thing. I am so thankful for this little blessing.”

Matthew McCann and Lekota's baby Matty Jr

After the announcement, fans offered their congratulations to the McCann family, and Lekota expressed her appreciation for the outpouring of positivity. “Guys, Matt and I can’t thank you all enough for the amazing continuous support and love that has been shown to us,” she tweeted. “We greatly appreciate it!”

But, it appears that not everyone was reacting positively to the birth announcement. Alex Sekella, who is Matt’s ex and mother of his daughter Arabella, apparently posted a newborn photo of Arabella the same day Matty, Jr. was born and wrote, “My sweet little angel on the day she was born. I can’t believe how big she has gotten. She is so beautiful.”

Lekota tweeted a screen cap of the post along with the hashtag #staypetty. She later revealed that all of the parents agreed that Arabella shouldn’t find out about Matty until Matt could tell her in person. “She told Matt she didn’t want Bellie to know about Matty until Matt could discuss it with her in person, and we agreed because we didn’t know how Arabella would handle it and we didn’t want to hurt her emotions or her opinion of Matt,” Lekota tweeted. “Well I guess she walked in on Alex talking about the baby and now she knows about him.. And she apparently said her daddy doesn’t love her anymore and all this other total bullsh!t a 4 year old wouldn’t say. So let’s be honest, she doesn’t want them to know or love each other. Its fuxking pathetic how her mind operates.”

A commenter responded: “Kids pick up on subtle things people say and how they act around them. She’s getting that from Alex.”

Lekota agreed. “That’s exactly what Matt told her. We aren’t stupid. She’s going to love her brother. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. Alex just can’t accept that Bellie also has our family too now.” She later added, “REAL adults put their child first. She claims she’s ‘protecting’ Bellie, like M Sr&Jr are horrible monsters or some sh!t. Its ridiculous.”

According to Teen Mom Junkies, Arabella and Matty will get the chance to get to know each other as they report: “The couple plans to return back home to Pennsylvania within the next year in order to be closer to Matt’s first child, Arabella, and would like both kids to have a relationship growing up.”

Meanwhile, life with a newborn seems to be going VERY well for Lekota and Matt! Matty, Jr. was able to come home on January 17, and Lekota says “he’s pretty great. I definitely got lucky.”

Here is a more recent photo of little Matty:

Matthew McCann Jr

Lekota revealed that Matt is already joking (?) about having another child! “Matt says because I didn’t scream or cry or anything during active labor that I’m obviously ready for another one ??? he isn’t funny,” she tweeted.

Once again, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Matt and Lekota! We will continue to follow their story and post updates!

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