Mackenzie McKee’s mom Angie Douthit cancer update: has 2 different kinds, begins IV chemo Monday

Mackenzie McKee and mom Angie Douthit

Former Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee’s mom Angie Douthit continues to update her social media followers on her battle with cancer, and today she shared some heart-breaking news after her most recent visit with her oncologist.

Angie begins her most recent update by revealing that she was contacted by her oncologist and asked to come in and talk with her about the results from Angie’s most recent biopsy. “This is difficult to write because I wanted to be telling you this morning that the cancer was gone and I was completely healed, but God has a much different plan,” Angie prefaced the news.

More from Angie:

It turns out I have two different cancers. I not only have non small cell carcinoma lung cancer, I also have small cell lung cancer which is aggressive and that is why it has spread. The other doesn’t spread like that. Therefore, I have to get a chemo port tomorrow and start the dreaded IV chemo on Monday. I’ll do three days of treatments, then three weeks off. Then I’ll repeat for three rounds, I will also stay on the chemo pill. I’m really their Pioneer Woman now as they’ve never seen someone have both, who is a healthy, young non smoker. But it explains why I can’t gain weight and never really got to feeling better.

Both of these cancers have a prognosis of 12-18 months with treatment. I didn’t sleep at all last night praying and telling God my heart. My family is very upset and sad. But you know what? My God is way bigger than cancer. He loves me and has a plan for my life. I know he does because I was asked, just yesterday, to speak at two more churches. And, I have 3 new grand babies on the way who need their Nannie. So, I ask you to please pray that God is my strength and that chemo will not weaken me or make me sick. And as silly as this seems, please pray that my eye lashes and eye brows won’t fall out. That’s all I have left!

Also please pray that I can continue to share my faith with people in the chemo dept. And, pray that I won’t be afraid of the chemo. God did not give us the spirit of fear! I want to live, but I want God’s will more. Thank you for your kind prayers. May God bless you all greatly as you share, hug, smile, and be nice. #alwaysbekind #staystrongmightywarrior

As Angie mentions in her update, she has been doing a lot of public speaking recently to share her story of faith during this difficult time. Just prior to her update on her most recent biopsy, Angie talked about her speaking engagements and remembered a moment when she was a teen that foreshadowed this opportunity to reach so many:

2 Timothy 1:9 “He has saved us and called us to a holy life—not because of anything we have done but because of his own purpose and grace.”

There are certain things in life that you never forget. You remember exactly where you were when it happened. I remember what I was wearing and I can even remember certain smells and what the weather was like. I was 15 yrs old on a school bus returning from vo-tech. I had my little red Gideon bible, given to all of us in the 5th grade, totally not legal today, and I was reading in Matthew. As we pulled up to the school I suddenly became keenly aware of God’s presence as he spoke clearly to me and said, “Some day you will be a public motivational speaker.”

I was 15, so I argued with God and told him I was too ugly and no one would want to look at me. I even bargained with him. I had brown spots on my front teeth so I rarely smiled and I had embarrassing acne that I was constantly trying to hide. So, I replied, “God, if you will get rid of these brown spots on my teeth and clear up the acne on my face, I’ll speak anywhere for you.”

Well many many years went by. Some incredible genius invented teeth whitening gel and my face cleared up as I grew and matured. I went on with life and kind of forget about that conversation with God. Until, I was in the hospital bed, on my back, and I heard God say, “Are you ready?” I knew immediately what he meant. It was time to speak.

But you see, I needed a story and I needed to understand my purpose, now I do and I have so much to share.

What is God calling you to do? Have you made promises to God? He’ll remind you of it when the time is right. It took 34 years of God preparing me for such a time as this. God loves you so much. He has a purpose and a plan for you. Don’t miss your destiny. Listen to him. Wait on him. Be willing to follow him. Share your story. Be nice. Help others. Hug, smile, and forgive. Enjoy life! God is good. #alwaysbekind #staystrongmightywarrior

Angie Douthit public speaking quote

Although Angie has been reaching a lot of people with her public speaking engagements, she will soon be reaching A LOT more as she recently announced she has signed a book deal with a publisher!

Angie really has turned her heart-breaking story into one of inspiration for so many people. Our thoughts remain with her, her friends, and her family as she continues her battle — and we look forward to seeing her emotional journey on MTV and reading about it in her book.

We will continue to update on Angie’s journey, but you can follow her Facebook page for daily updates from her directly.


Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm.

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