TEEN MOM 2 Jenelle Evans details joyous reunion with Jace


Jenelle Evans is beyond excited after sharing the first weekend with her son, Jace, since reaching a new custody agreement with her mom, Barbara Evans.

The Teen Mom 2 star spoke with E! about how the Memorial Day weekend reunion went, what her plans are with Jace moving forward and where her relationship, or lack thereof, stands with Barbara.

Jenelle on the weekend and doing her best to keep her emotions in check:

It felt amazing to finally be reunited. He was so happy he didn’t even know what to do first when he got home. I was nervous a little bit because I didn’t want Jace thinking it was me that didn’t want to visit with him, but when he arrived everything was back to the way it used to be… I did cry but not around anyone except for David. I didn’t want any of the kids thinking I was upset. Lots of hugs and kisses we’re going around all weekend!

Jenelle added that she “couldn’t have asked for a better weekend” as she detailed Jace’s budding relationship with her fiancé, David Eason. “Jace always gets along with everyone and adores David,” she said. “David teaches Jace a lot of ‘guy’ things that I don’t even know about! Not to mention Jace and David’s daughter are best friends.”

David and Jenelle had a full house: Jace was welcomed by his mom, Eason, his brother Kaiser, David’s daughter Maryssa, and little sister Ensley.

Speaking of Ensley, we just had to include this adorable pic Jenelle shared of her “little pineapple.”


When asked about Barbara, Jenelle made it clear that she has no intention of trying to patch things up at this point. “I don’t have much interaction with Barbara anymore,” she explained. “I only speak to her at our drop offs and that’s it. I do not discuss the details of my life with her anymore and it will continue to be that way probably for the rest of my life.”

On a side note it looks, like Babs feels the same way. She told Radar that “Jenelle is into the fame and the fortune and now David is too.” Babs added, “I don’t care what people think about me. I act the same way on and off camera…I don’t hate Jenelle. I don’t like her. I love her, she’s my child, but I don’t like her.”

Fans of the show know there’s a whole bunch of water under that bridge–but, hopefully, someday Jenelle and Barbara will figure it out and get along well. Until then, Jenelle seems content; she concluded, “I wouldn’t trade my life with anyone. Having them [the four kids] all together at once makes me so happy to see everyone playing and bonding.”