Tamra Barney responds to Vicki Gunvalson on Facebook after Bravo edits her blog

Tamra Barney and Vicki Gunvalson fighting at the Real Housewives of Orange County Season 7 Reunion Special

Fans of The Real Housewives of Orange County are currently in limbo, suspended between dramatic episodes of a two-part Season 7 Reunion Special, but that doesn’t mean the drama has stopped! Vicki Gunvalson had some rather harsh things to say about former bestie Tamra Barney on her Bravo blog, and Tamra later responded with her own blog entry – which was then edited by Bravo, with lots of the Vicki retorts cut out!

We all know Tamra is gonna say what she wants to say (the only thing she’ll let someone cut out of hers are her implants!), and that’s exactly what she did by posting her censored responses on her Facebook wall earlier today! Cue ring girl. And… DING! DING!

My blog is up! Bravo removed my comments about Vicki’s nasty comments about me in her blog this week. They asked me to save it for next week. … as you know I do not have patience so here is what I have to add:

Here are a couple comments from Vicki’s Blog I would like to address:

“We went to Mexico together to celebrate my birthday and Eddie’s birthday months prior to the media exposing Brooks, and we told them our fears of introducing Brooks to the world. They both encouraged us and said we would show everyone our new boyfriends and to show how happy we both were”

This is a straight up LIE and Eddie has the text messages to prove it. Eddie went to lunch with Brooks before we started filming and told him that with all the recent stuff in the press about his child support issues that it would NOT be a good idea for him to film. Truth is Brooks did not like that comment and said that vicki could not be authentic if he was not there to film with her. Eddie told him he thought it was a bad idea considering his past, but he wanted too, to film very little and to keep out of the drama like he did.

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“I would question Tamra, if Eddie didn’t have any money would you still be with him? I doubt it. Furthermore, Tamra does not work and it would be very difficult for her to support her three young children with no child support, Eddie. To say money doesn’t matter to Tamra, is being a ‘hypocrite.’ Oops. . .did I say that?”

First off, the love me and Eddie share is magical. We both feel like the luckiest people in the world to have found each other. Eddie is the most loyal, loving, caring, compassionate, understanding, patient and motivating man I know, that is what makes him successful in my eyes and that Is why I love him so deeply. I am not a person that can be bought, I have worked hard my whole life to keep my self afloat, I am a survivor! I declined to ever receive alimony because I am capable of making my own money and don’t beleive that any ex should have to pay for their ex’s “life style”.

I have several contracts and endorsement deals, (one that I just signed today and can’t wait to share) I am opening a fitness studio with my OWN money, I’m raising 3 kids, I work for Bravo and NEWS ALERT…. We launched a very successful company called WWW.winesbywives.com…. remember that company? The one that I am working my ass off while you sit on yours! The one that I am marketing the hell out of and bringing 10 times more money then you are! How dare you take such a cheap shot and don’t you ever question my love for Eddie. I hope one day you have half as much love in your life.