Gretchen Rossi wants to get pregnant soon

Gretchen Rossi and her boyfriend Slade Smiley have been together for years now. Although Gretchen has been vocal about not  being ready to get married, she is ready to make a commitment of another kind — a baby! The Real Housewives of Orange County star has been talking about getting pregnant for months — could she get pregnant soon?

Last month, Gretchen revealed to Life & Style that she and Slade are both ready to have their first child and are making a necessary adjustment. “We’re redoing our house and figuring out where to put the nursery,” she explained. Gretchen would love to have a boy and a girl with her man. “I’m so excited about playing dress-up and having matching outfits with a girl, and I would be just as blessed to have a little boy, too. We’re very excited about starting a family.” So are fans! We’d love to see Gretchen sporting a baby bump. Plus, she’s the only housewife without kids so she’s due for one!

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live last night, Gretchen announced, “I’m ready to have babies now!” She even joked (we think) that she may be pregnant now! However, she was drinking so she must not be quite yet. In fact, Slade is gonna have to get his vasectomy reversed to make that happen (no word if he’s gone back under the knife yet.)

Even though she’s probably not expecting yet, she doesn’t want to wait much longer. “We talk about babies every day; I wouldn’t be surprised if they come before a wedding or engagement!” That means we could see a pregnant Gretchen any day now. The bump watch begins now!

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5 thoughts on “Gretchen Rossi wants to get pregnant soon

  1. I thought the main reason that she did not want to marry Slade was due to his problems with child support stemming from his first child. She always harped about what people would say if she had children with Slade before he gets that taken care of. So maybe all along she just wanted a child & didn’t care about the lifetime commitment to him in the first place. I mean Slade is no angel but if I was him I would be offended. Like sure I’ll have a baby with you but I am not ready for the commitment of marriage. These ladies are nuts. (This is coming from a RHOC fan.) 🙂

    1. You are right on. Having a child with Slade is a very, very bad idea. She could find a man who is responsible and doesn’t need her money to live off.

  2. Gretchen better be careful having children. Karma finds people in odd ways. Since Slade Slimey wasnt there for his sick child. Karma mite find Gretchen’s child or children.

  3. I’m very disappointed that Gretchen is planning to have a baby with a dead-beat father. Slade is completely irresponsible and Gretchen needs to stick by her decision not to marry him. I only hope that she can come to her senses and not have a child with Slade. It would make so much sense to kick Slade to the curb and find a man who doesn’t need to mooch off of her. She’ll end up paying all the bills which I’m sure she is doing now. Gretchen is beautiful, she could find a great guy very easily.

  4. I feel really bad that Gretchen doesn’t get rid of Slade and get someone worthy of her! Once she has kids with him she is connected forever and it just doesn’t seem like he wants to work! I know it shouldn’t matter how much money someone has but he doesn’t seem to be working towards a better life for himself!

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