Susan Boyle CD release date announced – EXCLUSIVE Album Cover Art!

Susan Boyle I Dreamed A Dream CD cover art

The release date for Susan Boyle much-anticipated debut album I Dreamed A Dream is set for November 24, and within just a few days of the announcement it’s already the number one selling CD on amazon!

We were honored that they chose our Susan Boyle/Amy Winehouse mash-up from the “Susan Boyle Timeline” post as the cover art, although it does seem a bit strange. I guess they were going for something a little edgy.

(Of course, this isn’t the real CD cover. You can check over at
to see if they’ve released the actual art yet.)

UPDATE 10-14-09: Awwwwwww – they decided not to use our suggestion after all. Here is the actual album cover art:

Susan Boyle I Dreamed A Dreamed album cover art

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