Stunning time-lapse video depicts girl aging 12 years in 3 minutes

These here interwebs are just full of wonders. And so it is with the following draw-dropping video from filmmaker Frans Hofmeester of the Netherlands.

Daddy Frans filmed his daughter, Lotte, every single week of her life for 12 years and has pieced together his footage into the following mind-blowing time-lapse clip. As a parent I know kids grow too fast and this clip somehow manages to depict how a father sees his little girl in his mind as she grows. Incredible!

Frans stated along with the clip that:

I filmed my daughter every week, from birth up until she turned 12 years old and then made this time lapse edit in FCP.

His clip has gone viral as they say and Hofmeester has been taken aback by all the attention his footage has received. He added, ‘It takes a lot of discipline to go through with that for 12 years.”

At the conclusion of the clip he added, “To be continued.” I say good luck with getting Lotte to pose every week during her teen years pops!

IMAGES: Frans Hofmeester