VIDEOS PHOTOS Brad Pitt motorcycle crash in Beverly Hills

Collage of pictures from Brad Pitt's motorcycle accident

Photographers were on hand when Brad Pitt lost control of his brand new custom motorcycle in Los Angeles this afternoon. I was just writing a jealous article about how the coolest dude on the planet just got the coolest custom chopper on the planet when I saw these photos moments later of the uber awesome pair – both of which had been dinged up in a minor crash.

Details about exactly what happened are sketchy at this point, with earlier reports claiming Brad lost control while weaving in and out of traffic and a more recent update from TMZ that reads, “Several people tell us, but we haven’t confirmed, that a paparazzo hit Pitt from behind, which caused him to hit a car in front him, lose his balance and fall.”

TMZ has updated again claiming they have talked to someone that has seen video of the incident and that Brad was driving between a parked car and a car stopped at a red light when his handlebar clipped the parked car, causing him to lose control.

Fame pictures, who I’m guessing got their information from the photographer on the scene, described the images this way:

Brad Pitt loses control of his newest custom chopper while out for its very first spin around Beverly Hills, California on October 24, 2009. Brad looked to be unharmed after losing control of the motorcycle and hitting a car. He then exchanged info with the other party involved and proceeded to check out his bikes damages. Many helpful onlookers offered to let Brad wait for a tow at their homes but he graciously declined and continued on foot while awaiting a ride and tow for the damaged bike.

Click thumbnails to see larger images:

All photos: Fame Pictures/MAC

It appears as though the motorcycle and Brad got through it with just a few scratches, so let me touch on what I was going to say before. This is the coolest damned motorcycle I have ever seen! It looks like an old Army motorcycle that has been soaked in badassness for 50 years! I love the thick knobby front tire and the matching rear wheel. And all that dull, brushed aluminum! Taint nothin’ shiny on this bike! I’m gonna be checkin’ the Beverly Hills Craig’s List to see if Brad tries to dump it for a few bucks.

Read more about Brad’s bust up at PopEater.

Brad Pitt on his custom motorcycle

(Brad – Our web site accepts vehicular charitable donations.)

UPDATE! We have photos and video from the moment Brad lost his game of chicken with a parked car! Check those out HERE!

Here are some videos from the scene:

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