Do Real Housewives pay to be on the show? Secrets revealed

Stephanie Hollman, who was the only Real Housewives of Dallas cast member to be on the show for the entirety of its five season run, is now sharing secrets about the franchise on TikTok (@stephhollman.) One topic is about how expensive it can be to keep up appearances on the show. Usually, their paycheck doesn’t even start to cover wardrobe or party-planning expenses.

Most women who get cast on Real Housewives shows already have access to money and most of the money they make from being on the show comes from business opportunities they have because of the association.

Many of them use not only their new-found fame to promote products on social media, but they often also use show airtime to publicize their businesses

In that case, the shows can be very lucrative for the girls. But, like a lot of reality television, their paychecks are pretty minimal, especially at the beginning, which makes a difference because it costs a lot to be on the show

Wardrobe isn’t covered by the production company, and the women have to wear a different outfit in every scene, and sometimes have to shoot multiple scenes per day. They also have to have outfits for Watch What Happens Live, confessionals, and the reunion, along with any other appearances associated with the show.

Most of the women opt to pay for a “glam squad” to do their hair and makeup, especially for confessionals and reunions, and this can get pricey as well.


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Stephanie Hollman says that because of all of this for the first season she felt like she “paid” to be on the show because she spent more than she was paid. By season 5, however, she was making “great money.” She said things started turning around during Season 3 for her.

To help cut costs, Stephanie rented most of her outfits for the show, which makes a lot of sense because you can’t wear the outfits again.

Not wearing the same outfit twice is a common thing in show business, and when celebrities opt to wear clothes again for red carpets, it gets a lot of attention. Most recently, Rebel Wilson wore the same gold dress for an Oscar event in 2023 that she first wore to the Oscars in 2020.


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In general, not wearing the same outfit twice on a show or at public events creates an air of wealth and also keeps things interesting for audiences that are constantly hungry for something new.

Stephanie uses Rent The Runway and Vivrelle. Her favorite fashion rental company is Janet Mandell.


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Dorit Kemsley likes to make waves by wearing only designer clothes she has purchased, which can get even more expensive. Most Real Housewives rely on rental companies, and even promotional gifting, to keep themselves in ever-changing looks season after season.

One thing the cast members don’t have to pay for are the lavish vacations they film to help fill out content for the shows.

Stephanie confirmed that Bravo pays for all the trips “no matter who it is.”

However, the big parties, which also staples for the shows, aren’t paid for by production. These parties can run tens of thousands of dollars and every cast member is now requires to have one of these types of events per season.

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