VIDEO The Broad City Season 4 trailer is here! Show returns August 23

Broad City Season 4 Abbi and Ilana

YAS QUEEN! The funniest show on television is back! Season 4 of Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer’s spazztrulescent series Broad City will premiere August 23 on Comedy Central, and we now have the first preview trailer — which includes the usual heavy dosage of Abbi ‘n’ Ilana inappropriateness, as well as guest appearances by Steve Buscemi, Shania Twain, Wanda Sykes, Jane Curtin, and RuPaul!

It’s great to see that Hannibal Buress is back–along with many, many Ilanavant-garde fashion statements when the gal pals take a trip to Florida where old folks tote large weapons and humidity does some rather atrocious things to long hair.

Broad City Season 4

Fans get a very brief fix for their awkward Abbi sex scene longings, and we see Ilana doing lots of things with her vagina — including a violent, nude pu$$y-punching scene that will doubtless inspire many, many animated gif memes.

I don’t know what else to say, except HURRY UP AUGUST 23!!!

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