PHOTOS Shania Twain inducted into Canadian Music Hall of Fame at the 2011 Juno Awards

Even despite producing godlike talents like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, Canada gets a hard time from their American neighbors. Maybe it’s the curling obssession, maybe it’s the “aboots” and the “ehs?”, maybe it’s Celine Dion. But really, the basic reason why is, well, they’re Canadian. And I guess that’s enough for some people.

And to be honest, as an American I played along with that neighborly disrespect for the first 2+ decades of my life. But then something changed. Around the mid-’90s, my respect for Canada rocketed into the stratosphere. No, I didn’t suddenly realize Rush was the most awesome and literate rock band, like, ever! That something was Shania Twain.

Basically, if your country can produce a creature as lovely as Shania, then that’s all I need to know that you’re an awesome country worthy of my most profound respect.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, just gaze at these photos from the 2011 Juno Awards, where Shania Twain was inducted into the prestigious Canadian Music Hall of Fame, joining such luminaries as Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, the Band, Anne Murray and Gordon Lightfoot. Naturally, she was gorgeous, refining her beauty with a stunning black and silver gown.

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