Jarett “JT” Thomas lost 10 lbs. for Southern Charm – see before/after photos

Jarett “JT” Thomas wanted to get svelte for his role on Bravo’s Southern Charm knowing the camera “adds 10 lbs.”

Read how JT did it here and see the before and after photos…

Jarett “JT” Thomas

Jarett “JT” Thomas, 38, is a real estate investor based in Charleston, South Carolina. He just recently joined the cast of Bravo’s Southern Charm.

Thomas owns several Airbnb properties in downtown Charleston known collectively as “The Inn.” He also owns a centralized property for the use of a “Clubhouse.” 

JT comes on Southern Charm and immediately stirs the pot. Fans are torn on whether or not this is thirsty or necessary.

To score an empathetic vote, Thomas shares with audiences that he suffers from type-1 diabetes. Much to the dismay of his mother Bunny, JT still consumes an exorbitant amount of alcohol. 

JT is a native of Virginia and met Craig and Austen when he first moved to Charleston during the COVID-19 pandemic. He has also grown close to Shep Rose. The gang typically goes on golf outings together or does pub crawls.

Thomas’ is a divorcee who is rumored to have a crush on Taylor Ann Green.

JT loses 10 lbs. for Southern Charm

JT tells his Instagram followers that he knew that the cameras “add 10 lbs.” and he wanted to look his best when he joined the cast of Southern Charm. Thomas’ debut season is the current season 9 airing now.

Speaking on his health journey and physical transformation, JT said: 

@jarrett.thomasjt knowing the camera adds 10lbs, when the show offered me the role I decided to lose 10lbs of bad weight by walking 10 miles a day and eating healthy for as long as it took. It wasn’t an easy journey but I’m so glad I got it done bc I feel 10x happier and healthier and my diabetes is so much easier to manage now without all the excess. If I can do it, so can you, get those steps in!💪🏻💉

He went on to explain more in his stories… saying you can do the program or you can do nothing.

Looking good, JT!

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