SOUTHERN CHARM Jarrett “JT” Thomas, Landon Clements cozy up on IG. What’s their connection?

Southern Charm newbie Jarrett “JT” Thomas and alum Landon Clements are cozying up on social media, posting a photo that has many fans in shock.

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Where is Landon Clements now?

Landon Clements, 41, is possibly one of the most controversial “characters” from the reality television series Southern Charm. The Bravo show follows elite Charlestonians whose friend group is dramatic and somewhat incestuous. 

Clements was on the series from seasons 2-4. During her tenure, between 2015-2017, she showed interest in Shep Rose with one of the most infamous lines in the programs history:

Landon also went on to date Kathryn Dennis’ ex Thomas Ravenel. The 41 year old left Southern Charm to move to California and pursue a travel blog after claiming Dennis’ “manipulation” was “1000% to blame” for Clements’ exit. 

While her blog didn’t make it off the ground, she did continue on to develop her career in real estate. The reality star currently holds a license in both California and South Carolina.

Which leads us to….

Who is Jarett “JT” Thomas?

Jarett “JT” Thomas, 38, is a real estate investor based in Charleston, South Carolina. He just recently joined the cast of Bravo’s Southern Charm in its 9th season on Bravo.

JT is “coming in hot” when it comes to the drama on the reality series. Thomas also brings his own issues to the storyline: the Virginia native is a type-1 diabetic and a divorcee.

JT and Landon 

Landon Clements posted the photo below on her Instagram with a caption welcoming JT to the “Southern Charm family.” Fans are out of their minds at the two of these together…

Though she’s been off the reality series for 6 years, Clements claims in the comments section that she “made” Southern Charm. Sounds like something delulu JT would say in a couple of years… maybe they’re perfect for each other?

We’re getting ahead of ourselves though as these two are not technically dating (as far as we know…). The connection between the two is more business than pleasure.

The JT/Landon connection

Yes, Clements has been working with Thomas as his real estate agent in Charleston. JT is a property investor in the area and has been using Landon’s services to expand his empire.

Thomas owns several Airbnb properties in downtown Charleston known collectively as “The Inn.” He also owns a centralized property for the use of a “Clubhouse.” 

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