Sky from Black Ink Crew mug shot for 2014 arrest


Fans of Black Ink Crew know all about Sky’s arrest for credit card fraud. Her trip to Maricopa County’s infamous “Tent City” outdoor prison was a major plot line during season 3. What hasn’t made the rounds, however, is her booking photo… So, whoomp, there it is!

Sky, real name Jakeita Days, is currently enjoying her new Brazilian butt lift these days but not too long ago she was serving time for violating parole. In the following clip from season 3, Sky didn’t shy away, because that’s just not in her DNA, from talking about her past and how she ended up back in Arizona following a May 2014 arrest in Atlanta.

“10 years ago I got caught committing credit card fraud in Arizona and I was sentenced to one year. After I did my year in jail I was put on probation and I went on the run for a few years. While I was in Atlanta recently, two U.S. Marshals knocked on my door and came and got my pretty a**,” she said.

Sky ended up getting two months in Arizona, and one booking photo in the ATL.

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