SISTER WIVES Meri Brown’s catfish finishes book, still loves Meri, took trip to Paris and Dubai, etc.

Meri Brown catfish Jackie Overton Samuel Cooper

TLC’s popular polygamy reality series Sister Wives wrapped up its dramatic sixth season with first wife Meri Brown’s bombshell confession that she had an emotional affair with a businessman named Samuel who turned out to be a catfish named Jackie. The drama continues on Samuel’s blog, where s/he continues to insist he really is a man named Samuel and updates fans on his travels, his undying love for Meri, and the book about their affair that he has just finished.

In an entry on November 21, Samuel explains his reasoning for publicly sharing all of the text messages, voice mails, letters, and details about his relationship with Meri:

I posted everything to prove that we existed. That Sam and Meri were a real thing, not some internet rumor that was being turned into a mountain of lies.

I posted everything because my ego and my pride were being shot down and I didn’t like that feeling.

I posted everything to show the world that I did love you. I really thought that posting everything would prove that you did love me and I loved you and how could anyone ever say we weren’t in love.

Then I realized today, just today, that posting everything was not about me at all. It was about you.

I posted everything as a gift to you Meri. I put it all out there to remind you of the times we had.

I posted it so you could hear how happy you were when you knew the love of one man who only had you to love.

I posted everything to hurt you into finding yourself.

I posted everything to give you your freedom.

You don’t realize it, you may not get it yet but someday you will be thankful that I posted everything.


Just after Meri opened up about her affair on the Sister Wives Tell-All Special, Samuel shared a series of photos that are allegedly of he and Meri having a conversation on a FaceTime-like app. (Samuel pointed out that it was a different app when a commenter said they looked Photoshopped and it obviously wasn’t FaceTime.) Here are a couple of examples:

Sister_Wives_Meri Brown catfish Samuel

Meri Brown catfish affair Sam Cooper photo

Later that day, Samuel added an entry titled “Breaking Down” in which he explained how much the Tell-All Special had hurt him. Here’s how the post begins:

Dear you,

I don’t even know who to write to anymore. I just feel like writing. I am in so much emotional pain tonight I can’t even hardly keep it together. Last night was the end of something we created, we nurtured, and we both longed for. I woke up this morning with the realization that you are gone. But yet, you aren’t ever going to go away. And I’m in hell with this pain.

It hurts so bad trying to live without you.


Samuel decided to treat his pain with some travel therapy over the Thanksgiving holiday. He first flew to Paris just after the terror attacks:

I saw my employees and made sure they were all well. We went as a group to lay flowers at one of the memorials. And I prayed. I prayed for all of Paris. I prayed to keep my employees and friends in Paris safe. I prayed for my heart to heal and remember love is more than the memories I cling to.


After Paris, Samuel jetted off to Dubai to hang out with five of his man pals who were stationed in Japan. He mentions a female friend named Peyton who wants their relationship to be something more — something Samuel is beginning to open up to.

Meri Brown catfish Sam Twitter photo

Another thing Samuel is open to is adoption. “I really think this is what I want,” he says. “I love kids. I want kids. And right now if I wait to get over Meri, it’s going to be years, maybe decades before I try to let anyone love me again. I know I have a lot to offer a kid.”

In his next post from December 1, Samuel addresses all the commenters (and websites — like ours) who still believe he catfished Meri and is actually a woman named Jacquelyn “Jackie” Overton:

Yes I have talked to a number of people online in regards to my blog. Some of them I know well. Some of them I don’t…All calling me Jackie. Or calling Lindsay Jackie.

It’s a lie that these trolls are creating. There is not one shred of proof that I am Jackie. Or I am a girl. Or I am Lindsay. Nothing. What they have is created stories, lies, and photos they have photoshopped to make it look like I catfish people. It’s not true. If she wants to continue to listen to these people who have motivation of getting attention, media attention, maybe money from her or media, that’s okay. Because the truth is not one person, not one media source, no one has ever come forward to prove I am anyone but who I say I am.


The next day, Samuel returned to thank people for telling him their stories, and he encourages more to do so:

I’m here. If you guys want to tell me your story, share your experiences I would love that. I’m here to learn. I have made a huge mistake with my life by having an affair. But for some reason it has turned out to be the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’m building a new group of friends that aren’t judging me, aren’t demoralizing the things I have done. I take full responsibility for all of my actions and words. I want to learn. I want to do better. I want to learn from your stories..


Later, he opens up about the possibility of finding love again:

I know there is a woman out there that will capture my heart and attention again. I know that she is waiting for me right now. And through the magic of the universe again I know we will find our way to each other. That’s the best part of love. The beginning. It’s so fresh and exciting. All the things you learn about each other. The things that you fall in love with.


On December 5, Samuel returned to the topic of adoption. He revealed that his cousin’s teenage daughter is currently pregnant with twin boys and is strongly considering placing them with adopted parents. Samuel openly considers the pros and cons of an open adoption with a family member before talking more generally about having children. “I want a family,” he writes, “And I am ready to get my family anyway I can. I think adopting is a calling for me.”

On December 6, Samuel announced that he has finished his book about his relationship with Meri! Of the manuscript, he says “I told my story following the timeline I have of the texts and voicemails. I have only posted half of all the stuff I have. I kept some that I will never share because it’s too personal. The rest tells the stories no one knows about.”

Samuel says that the current manuscript is only a first draft and that he will be working with his editor on revisions. He says that he hopes to release the ebook version before Christmas. “If there is enough interest I will self publish it into an actual real book,” he adds.

Finishing the book seems to have been a cathartic experience for Samuel. “I’m exhausted, but for the first time since the end of August feel like this whole thing is off of my shoulders,” he confesses. “It’s finally over for me and I’m ready for it to be done.” He ended the post by stating simply, “I am moving on.”

We will keep an eye out and let you know when Samuel’s book is available! He certainly seems to have a flair for fiction and it promises to be quite entertaining! 😉

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