VIDEO Paige Davis returning as Trading Spaces reboot host!

Paige Davis She's Back Poltergeist meme Trading Spaces

Back in March, TLC make the announcement that they are bringing back Trading Spaces, the pop culture phenomenon that kicked off the home makeover reality show craze. “So will show host (and my #WomanCrushWednesday for about three years running) Paige Davis be returning?!” I asked at the time. TLC didn’t have an answer then, but they do now — and it is “YAS QUEEN!”

The official announcement came from Paige herself in a video posted by TLC earlier today:

“Hi, I’m Paige Davis and you probably know me best from having hosted Trading Spaces on TLC,” she begins with the same joyful and positive Paigetrulescence that we all loved from her time on the original show. “And I’m so excited because you probably already heard the news that TLC is bringing Trading Spaces back. But, guess what else? Drumroll please… I also am coming back! I will be hosting Trading Spaces again! I’m back at TLC, back home, back where I belong, and I am so thrilled!”

Paige Davis Trading Spaces host again

Paige then talks a bit about her life since leaving the show, which sounds pretty amazing! “I’ve had a great time since Trading Spaces. I’ve been doing theater, I’ve been doing dance, I’ve been on and off Broadway, I’ve been all around.” Here’s a playbill from one of her stage appearances as the star of An Act of God — which seems appropriate for this post. 😉

Paige Davis An Act of God

In the video, Paige shares some info about casting (you can find out more about how to apply to be on the new Trading Spaces here) including what cities they plan to start shooting in. “The first three cities that we will be going to are Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Baltimore,” Paige reveals. “So if you live in those three areas, you need to go online right now!”

All silliness aside, I am absolutely thrilled to hear that Paige will be returning as Trading Spaces host. Her positivity was such a huge part of the show’s success, and I was seriously worried about any one else trying to fill her smock. (Great hosts are SOOO hard to find!) And I have zero worries about whether or not Paige still “has it” because the video above instantly made me feel so good — just like she used to do on Trading Spaces, even when things (i.e. rooms) weren’t looking good at all.

Welcome back Paige! We cannot wait to see you back on TLC and swapping those keys!

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