Simon Saran & Farrah Abraham blow up at each other on Twitter after Simon Says Q&A

Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran Titanic break up

As Farrah Abraham struts the globe looking for love on the dating reality series Single AF, Simon Saran has been chilling in San Diego, sharing photos with a mystery brunette woman, and continuing to serve up hot tea by the gallon.

UPDATE – Simon and Farrah just BLEW UP at each other on Twitter! I will interrupt with those tweets:

SIMON: #MTVSingeAF wasted all that money traveling the world and couldn’t find farrah a date! Damn you guys f**king suck! #MTVSingeAF

TWEETER: Going to suck for her to get home and you’re not there,sometimes money isn’t worth it.

FARRAH: FYI Simon is not in my life and really is hurt I’ve moved on free ride is over! Stop talking about me & tv if your over me lmao

SIMON: Worst free ride ever lol

FARRAH: @SimonSaran why are you trying to get attention, your pathetic & im a great mother, professional, friend & women go STOP using me for money

SIMON: What money?

FARRAH: I’m happy I get to travel the world and meet great people unlike you at home stalking my dates and social Thank me for making you! Jealous ?

SIMON: Really because you were blowing me up last night?

SIMON: Dope whip!

SIMON: Beautiful flowers!

SIMON: I actually had them hand picked and delivered to her when she first arrived to Sydney

SIMON: Farrah hired the Altman brothers to sell her house. They couldn’t do it. I did it. Now I’m a scum bag? Lol wtf

(Oh man! Could this become another Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna thing?!)

UPDATE – Here’s a little more, including Simon’s claim that Farrah has sent him a cease and desist letter!

OK, back to our regularly scheduled blog post already in progress…

In the latest installment of “Simon Says” he does a Q&A session with his Twitter followers in which he answers questions about his current relationship with Farrah, whether or not Matt Baier abused Amber Portwood, and whether or not MTV is being investigated for their role in Ryan Edwards’ drug problems and on-screen actions. (I know it’s generic to say, but his answer to all three of those questions may surprise you — they sure surprised me!)

Ah, but before we get to today’s Q&A, I should catch you up on the other Simon tea that has been spilled since the last time we checked in. As I mentioned above, Simon has been canoodling with a conventionally superfine brunette woman, and they seem to be way more than friends — at least for the social media cameras:

Simon Saran mystery woman girlfriend

Simon Saran mystery woman

Many speculate that this mystery woman is just a friend of Simon’s who is playing along to troll both Farrah and the rest of the Teen Momiverse. (More on that in a minute.)

Folks began to suspect that the split between Simon and Farrah was more than just the usual MTV fakery when Simon actually criticized Farrah for some of her recent decisions — most notably her appearance on the Single AF dating series, which required lots of travel and lots of time away from her daughter Sophia.

“Is Farrah doing this dating show for publicity and the money??” Simon was asked in a tweet. “Isn’t that what she does everything for?” Simon responded.

“Yes I would assume so.” the original tweeter replied. “It’s just sad if two are really meant to be that she has to date other people in order to put cash in her pocket.”

“Yes it is,” Simon says. “But it’s all for Sophia so there is good to it.” He added the #MTVSingleAF hash tag.

Then Simon gets a little critical of MTV, seemingly putting some of the blame on them for Farrah’s time away from Sophia:

It would have been nice if @MTVSingleAF flew @SophiaLAbraham out with Farrah so they could be together on these “dates” #MTVSingleAF

Not on the actual dates but just with her when she’s traveling so they are able to spend time together

“I completely agree with u @SimonSaran…doesn’t look like Farrah is 2 saddened with the time lost tho,” was one response. “Not too worried about how Farrah feels,” Simon says, “more concerned with Sophia growing up without a dad and now at times a mom.”

In the timeline it seems that it is right about here where Simon and Farrah have some sort of serious falling out — perhaps it was his tweet about Sophia growing up at times without a mom? Either way, Simon returned for the 4th of July with photos and a video with his mystery hottie.

On July 7, Simon finally confirmed there will be a “Being Simon” special, just like there was for Debra, Babs, Matt Baier, etc. “Yes there will be a #beingsimon special.” Simon tweeted. “It will be the last time you see me on screen so make sure you watch it! #TeenMomOG”

Wait, what’s that?! The last time we see Simon on screen?! Yep, that tweet really powered up the Farrah and Simon split rumor mill!

The mill kept churning as Simon shared this romantic photo with his mystery lady:

Although Simon’s days on Teen Mom OG may be numbered, he now has folks wondering if he found a home on another reality show on another network! He retweeted someone who asked “Heard an industry rumor you’ve been cast on #ShahsOfSunset True or nah?” Simon didn’t answer, he just flipped the troll switch with the retweet.

Just after that, Simon DID answer some questions though! And he DID NOT hold back! Included in his fan Q&A, Simon says MTV is under investigation for their role in Ryan Edwards’ drug problems, Debra is just dating her fiance Dr. Merz to get pills, and producer Larry is “a dirty scum bag.”

I will get out of the way now and let Simon do what he do:

QUESTION: Is deb with David just to get prescription medication?

Q: Are you dating the ‘mystery woman’ or just trying to make Farrah jealous?
SIMON SAYS: That will remain a mystery until further notice

Q: Why aren’t MTV producers under investigation for pushing pills?
SIMON SAYS: They are

Q: How close were you with Sophia ?

Q: Honestly… why didn’t things work with Farrah. You guys were adorable and it breaks my heart.
SIMON SAYS: Her producers were trying to set up the fake #MTVSingleAF show. Which will tank. I don’t have time for child play shit anymore

Q: Oh, and who ya got in the Mcgregor Vs Mayweather fight?
SIMON SAYS: Mayweather

Q: Did Matt abuse amber?

Q: Was there anything that being on Teen Mom taught you?
SIMON SAYS: Yes, producer Larry is a dirty scum bag

Q: Hopefully @F1abraham will realize that you are the best person for her. Do you think she will ever realize it?
SIMON SAYS: She already has, trying to get me back but I think it’s better if we have space

Q: I hope you really find someone that respect you better and treat you like a man coming from a true supporting fan ?❤️
SIMON SAYS: Me too thank you

Q: You and Farrah seemed solid until just recently, what happened? You seem to be moving on!
SIMON SAYS: Her producers needed her to play single. Being a slave to money you hurt people along the way. So I threw up the ✌?

Q: Do you plan on appearing on #MTVSingleAF ?
SIMON SAYS: Thought about it, instead I’m laughing at all of the broke clowns she thinks are the one! #MTVSingleAF fail

Q: R u and Farrah still a couple ???
SIMON SAYS: No we are not

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
SIMON SAYS: Building orphanages for kids

Q: Do you regret being on Teen Mom?

Q: Has Farrah met your parents / family ? And how old are you ?

Q: Do you want to settle down with someone eventually? Or are you all about having fun right now?
SIMON SAYS: Think it’s Simons time to have fun

Q: when y’all comin’ to Canada ??
SIMON SAYS: When you invite ??

When is your special going to air?
SIMON SAYS: Sometime in the next 2 weeks

Q: Is Farrah really sweet?.

Q: Who would you hook up with if you had to hook up with another @TeenMom co-star besides @F1abraham ? Could be any season and cast member.
SIMON SAYS: Haha I think I would rather go rub one out

Q: Are you really with this new girl oes did farrah get tired of no commitment and push you aside?
SIMON SAYS: Farrah doesn’t know what she wants. She should be home with sophia. Instead she’s dating fame whore dickheads. Gets old

Q: Who are all these women your partying with? Are you just trying to make Farrah jealous ?

Q: Who the new girl on your snap ? U deserve to b treated better than how Farrah treats and makes u look ! #moveon #plasticgettingtoher
SIMON SAYS: She’s a hottie

Q: Are you a naan guy or a roti chapati guy..
SIMON SAYS: Man that’s a tough one. Depends what I have on the dish.

Q: Is @ddanielsen really that disgusting despicable excuse of a human or does MTV just cut it that way?
SIMON SAYS: She is the most dirtiest

Q: Please tell us what happened with MTV? Why you no film anymore?
SIMON SAYS: Personal choice, plus I think they don’t want a brown person on Teen mom

SIMON SAYS: #MTVSingeAF wasted all that money traveling the world and couldn’t find farrah a date! Damn you guys f**king suck! #MTVSingeAF

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