Si Robertson says wife Christine Robertson is too ill for Duck Dynasty filming

Duck Dynasty Si's wife Christine Robertson

Now that Kay and Phil Robertson’s oldest son is on the family show, the only significant holdout is Si Robertson’s tea-brewin’ wife, Christine Robertson. Speaking to Us Weekly for a special Duck Dynasty edition, Si revealed the truth about why his lovely lady doesn’t join in on the family fun…

“I always told people, ‘She’s got better sense than the rest of us.’ But that ain’t the real reason,” Si said of Christine, 67. “Sometimes we film 12 hours a day, and she’s just not healthy enough to go through the rigors of that.”

Si didn’t expound on Christine’s health problem and quickly clarified it “ain’t no big deal.” He joked, “She wants no part of it anyway. She’s been married to me for 43 years. The last thing she needs is to watch us on a TV show.”

The 66-year-old fan-favorite added that even though he and Christine are both homebodies these days, they really used to cut a rug.

“Both of us was party animals, I guess you’d call us. We enjoyed going out and dancing, so we had a good time when we were dating,” he said. “[Now] If I had a choice to go somewhere or stay home, I’d stay home.”

The new season of Duck Dynasty continues on A&E Wednesdays at 10/9c.

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