Selena Gomez stalker has criminal charges dismissed

MUG SHOT Thomas Brodnicki Selena Gomez stalker

Young starlet Selena Gomez has had a lot on her plate lately. There’s the Bieber Babygate thing with Mariah Yeater and then there’s the whole situation with her alleged stalker Thomas Brodnicki (seen above).

In my previous write up about what appeared to be a seriously dangerous threat to Selena, Brodnicki had stated to his psychiatrist that he had several discussion with God about killing Selena. He traveled from Chi-Town out to the City of Angels with the sole purpose of meeting Gomez . In addition, dude had a criminal past in which he had stalked a 24-year-old woman he met at a convenience store, or an inconvenience store if you’re that lady.

Well my friends, out in the late great golden state I reckon celebrity justice spills over to those who appear to want to harm celebrities too. Brodnicki has had all criminal charges against him dismissed and has been set free to go on back to being Kuh-Ray-Zee.

The judge in the case stated that there wasn’t sufficient enough evidence that Thomas intended to convey threats to Selena. Without that, it’s game set match and they had to let ’em go. At least there is a civil restraining order against the man that requires him to steer clear of Selena at all times.

A mole in the courtroom overheard Brodnicki’s shark in a suit give him some very good advice:

“Get the f**k out while you can.”

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