SEEKING SISTER WIFE Sophie Winder gives birth to son Ephraim, shares fertility struggles

Seeking Sister Wife Winder family baby boy Sophie Winder gives birth to son Ephraim

We have some great news to report for fans of TLC’s plural marriage reality series Seeking Sister Wife! After years of struggling with fertility issues, Colton Winder’s second wife Sophie Winder has given birth to a baby boy!

Little Ephraim James Winder was born on April 20, and the family made the announcement to their followers on Facebook the following day:

Our son finally made his appearance yesterday and we’re all so in love already. It’s been a little hard not to have any visitors in the hospital and Sadie has been excitedly awaiting her meeting with her baby brother. Sophie and the baby are both doing well. He was born at 9 lbs 5 oz and 22 inches, after a long night. Welcome to the world, our dear Ephraim James Winder 💕

In addition to the photos above posted by the Winder family, Sophie shared another picture of Ephraim on her Instagram account:

“✨I’m sure I’m biased, but he is adorable 😍 ✨” Sophie captioned the image.

Ephraim joins big sister Sadie, from Colton’s first wife Tami, in the growing Winder family.

Sophie revealed that she was pregnant back in November. The announcement was included in the second half of Sophie’s two-part blog post on the Winder Family website in which she shared her struggles with infertility.

In the first post from November 6, Sophie reveals that her struggles included a chemical pregnancy and a miscarriage. “Here’s to being open and vulnerable and sharing that I am one of the 1 in 4 women who have experienced miscarriage,” Sophie wrote. “Bringing forward pregnancy loss and miscarriage awareness, my heart goes out to all of you that have experienced infertility, pregnancy loss and infant loss. Losing your baby at any stage of pregnancy is one of the worst pains to have to endure.”

On November 18, Sophie shared her second blog post.

From Sophie:

At a loss, I went searching for more answers. I had already been learning from a book called “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” but decided to take it more seriously and start charting and taking my temp to try and understand my body and what was going on with it. A friend recommended the Tempdrop. Instead of spending more money on ovulation sticks I decided to get the Tempdrop and temp for several months to confirm when my body ovulates.

It was a few months later that Sophie began to experience heartburn — something she never suffered from previously. She thought that perhaps the heartburn was due to the progesterone she had taken, but she took a pregnancy test a couple days later that returned a positive result.

We’re Pregnant! And we happened to conceive naturally, just by me learning more about my body by reading Taking Charge of your Fertility, and taking my temp with the Tempdrop. BUT…we didn’t feel we could be excited yet. We had experienced miscarriage before and wanted to safeguard our emotions by reserving our excitement. 6 weeks came and went, and by 7 weeks we had an early ultrasound to check and make sure everything looked good, and our baby had a STRONG heartbeat! Little by little, the weeks came and went and I am still pregnant. We finally decided we could be excited, however we still have our reservations and fear of miscarriage.

Sophie’s post included photos of her showing off her already sizeable baby bump, along with sonograms and a sign held by Colton that read: “Baby Winder coming Spring 2020.”

On January 31, Sophie shared a baby bump selfie and an update on Instagram. “This pregnancy has had its twists and turns, constantly keeping me on my toes,” she wrote. “It’s been rough physically, and emotionally and has tried me to my core. All of that being said, the only thing that matters at the end of the day is that this precious baby came to me to be its protector and caretaker, and it is an honor to be this baby’s mama.”

On February 8, the Winder family enlisted the assistance of big-sister-to-be Sadie to announce that Sophie was going to have a boy:

“✨Sadie is excited to announce she’s getting a baby brother!” reads the caption for the gallery above. “She can’t wait to be his big sister! 🥰✨”

On April 16, the Winders shared some photos of Sophie with a HUGE baby bump as they expressed their excitement about the imminent birth:

“We’re hoping to meet the next Winder very soon!”

CONGRATULATIONS to the Winder family on the new addition! If you’re curious whether or not the Winders will be back for another season of Seeking Sister Wife on TLC, that question remains unanswered. A lot of times when a reality show family shares pregnancy and birth announcements on social media, that can be an indication that they will not be back on screen — but that is never a definitive indication.

Speaking of the Winder family being on Seeking Sister Wife, the family issued the following statement on Facebook on December 31, reflecting on their experiences in 2019:

“A year ago, we were apprehensively waiting for our family’s premier on television and wondering what 2019 would bring for us. It was certainly an adventure. The attention was hard and not always welcome, and a lot of our imperfections were apparent to us, but we did our best to show our family honestly and share our religion and lifestyle faithfully. We’re going to strive to do the same in 2020 and hope to make a positive impact on the world around us. Thank you to all of you for your continued love, support, and friendship. We hope you all will have a wonderful new year!” (This is shamelessly plagiarized from Colton’s personal post earlier today, but it rings true for all of us). These are our favorite memories from this past year in pictures (as well as some Christmas pictures), because Facebook won’t let us share pictures and videos in one post. We’ll share some videos in our Facebook story. With love, The Winders 💜

Here’s the full Facebook post with all the pictures:

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