VIDEO Jersey Shore’s The Unit blasts Snooki

Jersey Shore's The Unit

Last night the world, or at least the millions of peeps who tuned into the season 5 premiere of Jersey Shore, got introduced to The Situation’s Guido-BFF, The Unit. His big splash other than being a mix between Mike and Pauly D with the curly blow-out was getting into it with Snooki.

You best have some reality skills if you’re gonna bring it at Snooki in a bar and The Unit held his own as he got under Snooki’s skin. Well TMZ caught up with TU and he was swaggin’ with his gal Amia Miley after leaving STK in Los Angeles. Was this set up? Probably. Do I give a friggin’ crapola? Not really. Check out The Unit, real name Jonny Manfre, as he puts Snooki on blast:

In summary:

“The thing with me and Snooki … she can’t seem to take my name out of her mouth … but that’s Snooki for you, she’s always got something in her mouth.”

The Unit also said that comparing him and the Sitch was like trying to compare Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig and that when he goes to strip clubs he makes money because the girls pay him.

Yeah, my boy fits right in.

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