“Catfish” officially added to Merriam-Webster dictionary

Catfish added to Merriam-Websters

Congratulations are in order to Nev Schulman, Max Joseph and all the hard-working folks on MTV’s hit docu-series Catfish as the show has received arguably the most verifiable tribute that any TV show can receive.

It’s been revealed that the show’s namesake “catfish” has officially been added to Merriam-Webster as a new dictionary word in regards to the meaning in which it relates to the show’s theme.

Merriam-Webster wrote in their encapsulation of newly added words:

In the area of more intimate relationships, catfish, a technology-related term, refers to a person who sets up a false social networking profile for deceptive purposes. Catfish was popularized by the documentary and television series of the same name and by last year’s strange story of football player Manti Te’o’s nonexistent girlfriend.

Here’s a grab via the dictionary’s official website of “catfish’ including the the word’s new meaning:


Some of the other newcomers include selfie, turducken, hashtag and steampunk. You can check out the full list via Jezebel.

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