Rosie O’Donnell lucky to be alive after heart attack last week

50-year-old Rosie O’Donnell revealed in her blog that she suffered a heart attack last week, and it’s a miracle that she’s still alive.

In her usual poetry-style, Rosie describes suffering symptoms of a heart attack a few hours after helping an “enormous” woman get out of her car. She had a ache in her chest, both of her arms hurt, her whole body felt bruised, she had clammy skin, and later threw up.

After Googling her symptoms, she saw that she might be having a heart attack, but didn’t believe it. She didn’t call 911, but instead took an aspirin, and saw a cardiologist the next day.


i took some bayer aspirin

thank god
saved by a tv commercial
The doctor found her LAD artery 99% blocked, and put in a stent. The kind of heart attack she suffered is known as a Widowmaker, so she’s indeed lucky to be alive.
This is definitely a warning. Women can have heart attacks too, and if you experience these symptoms, don’t do what Rosie did. CALL 911!

Rosie also recently announced that her fiance Michelle Rounds is also dealing with some health issues. She’s been diagnosed with very rare desmoid tumors, which are not malignant, but otherwise can act like cancer. Because it doesn’t spread, it can be easier to treat and less deadly, but can still cause major problems.