RHOP Juan Dixon named in sexual assault, blackmail lawsuit

Real Housewives of Potomac Robyn Dixon's husband Juan Dixon lawsuit

Less than three months after it was revealed that The Real Housewives of Potomac couple Robyn Dixon and Juan Dixon had filed for a marriage license in potential hopes of getting married for a second time, Coach Dixon has been named in a startling new lawsuit alleging that he was made aware of the sexual assault and blackmail of a Coppin State basketball player by another player-turned-coach and did nothing.

The lawsuit was filed by former Coppin State guard Ibn Williams, who played for the team from 2018 until 2020. In the 15-page lawsuit filed on November 2, Williams alleges that he was approached during his freshman year by a female online who was interested in pursuing a potential romantic relationship.

From Baltimore Brew:

He “was enticed into sending images of himself to this person of a sexual nature that [he] believed were private and in the context of a developing romantic relationship,” the lawsuit says.

The online paramour then started blackmailing Williams, threatening to publish the photos and texts unless he provided more salacious material. The texts continued through the 2018-2019 basketball season while Williams, “in fear of losing his place in the basketball program, his tuition and room and board payments… continued to respond to the person messaging him in a futile attempt to appease his tormentor.”

Another player on the team, senior Lucien Brownlee, told Williams that he had also been approached by the woman and later blackmailed. The blackmailer eventually demanded that Williams and Brownlee record themselves engaging in oral sex. The demands were accompanied up by further threats of exposing Williams.

From the lawsuit:

Finally, on the brink of suicidal ideations, and in an attempt to extricate himself from further blackmail, but unable to bring himself to divulge the blackmail to his family, Plaintiff truthfully informed his family of concerns regarding blatant, unchecked use of illegal drugs and inappropriate behavior of members of the basketball program while traveling for away games, in hopes that it would spur a transfer from Coppin State to a different program.

In June of 2020 Plaintiff, accompanied by his father, met with Defendant Juan Dixon and the drug issues were discussed. Plaintiff raised the possibility of transferring out of the program. Defendant Dixon indicated that he was helpless to address the drug issue in any meaningful way. He expressed the inevitability of drug use among the players. Nonetheless, Coach Dixon was adamant that Plaintiff should stay with the program. Defendant Dixon was able to persuade Plaintiff and his father to exit the transfer portal and Plaintiff agreed to resume his status as a member of the team, relying on Coach Dixon’s assurance that Plaintiff’s financial assistance and other benefits he had been provided with would be continue.

After finishing his senior year, Lucien Brownlee was given the job of Director of Player Development. (He is still listed as such on the Coppin State website.) In case you haven’t figured it out by now, the lawsuit states that “upon information and belief, the blackmailer was Coach Brownlee.”

Coach Juan Dixon’s Role (Directly From the Lawsuit)

Upon returning to Coppin State University for 2020 fall semester, Defendant Lucien Brownlee renewed his blackmail demands. When Plaintiff did not respond, the Defendant followed through with his threat and the material used to blackmail Plaintiff was published and revealed to members of the team, staff, and the public.

Plaintiff was directed by Coach Dixon to attend practice the following day. Defendant Dixon met personally with Plaintiff. Defendant Juan Dixon admitted to the Plaintiff that Lucien Brownlee was mentally ill or otherwise emotionally imbalanced and that his history was known to the Coach, Mr. Carter and the school.

Defendant Dixon again confirmed his awareness of the Coach Brownlee’s instability later that same evening in a phone call to Plaintiff’s brother and father where Defendant Dixon repeated that Lucien was “sick” and had a troubled background.

The Defendants with full knowledge of the previously described events, took no action to address that their Director of Basketball Operations and Assistant Coach had victimized Plaintiff in this manner.

In an attempt to bring the foregoing situation to light, Plaintiff requested Coppin State University conduct its own review of the harassment, sexual assault and blackmail he had been required to endure.

The review process further added to Plaintiff’s distress. Plaintiff made himself available to be questioned by an attorney retained by the Defendant Coppin State University. During the process and in violation of the Defendant’s own guidelines and standards, Plaintiff, a victim of sexual assault, was questioned regarding his past sexual experiences, and inquiry was made into his sexual orientation causing further emotional distress.

Those employed and otherwise in positions of authority within Coppin State University and its Athletic Department, were negligent in the manner in which they hired, supervised and controlled those in positions of authority within the basketball program. Coppin State University and its employees, Men’s Basketball Coach Juan Dixon, Director of Athletics Derek Carter and others in positions of authority and responsibility, employed Coach Lucien Brownlee as Director of Player Development and a member of their coaching staff despite his being unfit to hold a position of authority nor fit to have a leadership role involving contact with student athletes of Coppin State University.

Coppin State University failed to comply with State and its own reporting requirements. Defendants failed to supervise and protect its young, vulnerable student athletes in failing to provide a safe, suitable environment free from violence and harassment, narcotics and overall well-being of Plaintiff lbn Williams.

The University and The State University System failed to follow NCAA guidelines and its own policies regarding the financial, emotional, and physical well-being of Plaintiff, to his emotional, psychological, physical, and financial detriment. Subsequent to Plaintiff having brought to light the instances of his sexual assault and harassment as well as having formally demanded an investigation, and as a consequence, Plaintiff was subjected to retaliation by Defendant Coppin State University and their agents, servants and employees. Specifically, financial assistance previously promised and provided by Defendant was withheld. Financial assistance for Plaintiff’s housing and tuition was terminated without explanation or cause.

Juan Dixon Lawsuit Conclusion

These are obviously very serious allegations. Although Juan Dixon is not the one who allegedly committed the assault and blackmail, his alleged role could have him facing serious consequences. Not only did he allegedly not do anything after learning of the situation, but the lawsuit suggests that there may have been an awareness that Brownlee was “mentally ill or otherwise emotionally imbalanced” when he was hired.

Also, I should point out that the allegations made in the lawsuit are the kind that usually have a lot of documentation to back them up. In addition to all of the electronic correspondence and files, I assume there is a clear record of the meetings with Dixon and other figures of authority at the University taking place.

It will also be interesting to see what the University claims was the reason for William’s housing and tuition being temrinated. According to the Coppin State University website, during Williams’s sophomore (and last) season with the Eagles he “appeared in all 31 games and made nine starts while averaging 19.0 minutes per game… Tallied 5.0 points and 2.1 rebounds per game along with 37 assists and 22 steals.”

Neither Robyn Dixon nor Juan Dixon have publicly addressed the allegations made in the lawsuit yet. “Dixon did not respond to a phone message and an email requesting comment about the matter, nor did the school’s athletic director, Derek Carter,” reports Baltimore Brew.

“Coppin State University spokeswoman Robyne McCullough responded to an email by saying, ‘Coppin State University does not comment on pending litigation,’” the site adds.

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