RHOM Did Larsa Pippen hook up with Michael B. Jordan?

At the end of Thursday’s episode of Real Housewives of Miami, Kiki Barth asks everyone at Lisa Hochstein’s birthday party what their sexual fantasy is. Lisa says her fantasy is her husband, Lenny, which makes the rest of the girls cringe.

The women press Lisa to pick a more interesting fantasy, so she says “Ok, I used to be in love with Channing Tatum. Nicole Martin says her “hall pass” is John Mayer, and Adriana de Moura used to have sensual dreams about Brad Pitt.

Guerdy Abraira’s fantasy also came true when she and her husband made love on top of a hill while a security guard watched from afar.

Alexia Echevarria almost made her fantasy celebrity crush a reality when she locked eyes with singer Luis Miguel. Alexia was married to her ex-husband Herman at the time, so nothing came of the encounter. Alexia said she had the opportunity, but didn’t take it. If she hadn’t have been with Herman, however, she would have taken her chance with Luis Miguel.

“Larsa, what is yours?” Kiki asks. 

“I don’t really have one,” Larsa replies. She goes on to say that she used to fantasize about an actor and an athlete, but she was with both of them. “So I feel like all my fantasies are realities,” she says.

This bit of info piqued the girls’ interest. The athlete she was with was Tristan Thompson. Larsa has said she dated Tristan before she introduced him to Khloe Kardashian. The actor, however, is a mystery.

Larsa gave a big clue, though. She says his initials start with “M.J.” Of course, it isn’t Michael Jackson as he’s mostly a singer and has been deceased for some time now. Marysol guesses Michael Jordan in interview, but he’s an athlete. Guerdy may have the closest guess with actor Michael B. Jordan.

Still, Larsa isn’t kissing and telling. “No comment,” she said in the talking heads when she was presumably asked by producers about Michael B. Jordan.

She wouldn’t say whether or not he was currently in a relationship so the girls wouldn’t have more information to figure out who it was. Larsa did look over at Lisa Hochstein and said “you probably know who it is.”

In the talking head interview, Larsa says “I had a famous crush, and it was a crush until it became reality. But, I’m not gonna share who it is. Not yet, at least.”

“I will say this: I thought it was gonna be like the movie, and then when I was with him, it wasn’t like the movie,” Larsa told the girls.

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