Joanna Krupa’s hairy PETA campaign revealed

Joanna Krupa goes topless in new PETA campaign

Joanna Krupa shot a controversial ad for PETA on last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Miami and it wasn’t pretty — at least not what was going on from the waist down. Joanna, who of course looked gorgeous otherwise, stuffed her panties full of hair as a way of encouraging others to grow their own fur so animals can keep theirs.

Today, the ad was finally released and it’s definitely a head-turner. It reads,”Fur Trim: Unattractive. Don’t ruin your look with fur trim,” and despite the hairy lower regions, Joanna looks hot with nothing but a pair of lace panties and her long locks covering her chest. “There is nothing sexy about wearing something that is so obviously tied to senseless pain and killing,” says Joanna.

Of the controversial ad, Joanna says, “This is my third PETA campaign, and I wanted to make sure it showed a more comedic side to a very strong message. But I also wanted to make sure it was still controversial like my last campaign, because without controversy you don’t get the same impact in getting your message heard.”

During last night’s episode, Joanna was also seen protesting in front of Calabassas’ Dash Boutique, a store ran by the Kardashians. Years ago, Khloe did an ad for PETA so when Joanna found out that her store was selling fur, she knew she had to expose her as the hypocrite she was. Joanna went to the store herself and purchased a fur vest — she even has photographic evidence to prove it. The store has now closed and re-opened in West Hollywood where they are not selling fur.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video of Joanna’s shoot with PETA below:

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