RHOBH VIDEO: Taylor Armstrong goes off with boyfriend and has no idea where her daughter is


On tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Taylor Armstrong calls Kyle and Kim Richards to cancel coming to Kim’s party to show off her new nose.

She seemed a little tipsy, and told them she couldn’t make it because she was leaving on a plane with a guy she had fallen in love with in the past 48 hours. That seemed a little spontaneous, especially the being in love part, but what was troubling about the call was that she didn’t know that her daughter Kennedy had been staying with Kyle Richards.

She tells Kyle that her new man (who is probably her married lawyer John Blurer) “loves Kennedy.” When Kyle tells Taylor that she can let Kennedy spend the night since she’s already watching her, Taylor replied “Oh you have Kennedy with you? Well, take her.” When Kyle asks “You didn’t know she was at my house?” Taylor replies that she had “no idea.”

UPDATE: Taylor responded to this incident on her Bravo Blog, explaining that she didn’t know Kennedy was with Kyle because the nanny was supposed to drop Kennedy off at Taylor’s mother’s house, but when she went by to pick something up from Kyle’s house on the way, Kyle suggested that Kennedy stay with her. Taylor says her mother was informed about this change in plans, but Taylor was not told about it.

“Kyle is one of my closest friends and she truly has been like a second mom to Kennedy. The nanny was very aware of the strong bond between our families and knew I would have complete confidence having Kennedy with Kyle and family. She made the decision to let Kennedy stay without consulting me. She did let my mother know that Kennedy was with Kyle and would be coming down to O.C. in the morning. I was not called which was unacceptable. My mother assumed I had approved the change in plans.”

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