REPORT Teresa Giudice’s family in talks for Real Housewives of New Jersey spin-off

Teresa Giudice poses with Joe Giudice and their daughters

Teresa Giudice has remained the focus of The Real Housewives of New Jersey even after cutting ties with the rest of the cast. However, it’s come time to begin filming on the fifth season and since she reportedly isn’t in touch with any of her co-stars, producers are rethinking things.

“All the drama and crazy things that Teresa and Joe have done is what makes them perfect candidates for their own breakout show,” a source tells Radar Online. “They’re in talks right now and the show would include the whole Giudice side of the family, which would explain why we saw more of Joe’s brother Pete and his wife Sheila in last Housewives season.”

Teresa and Joe Giudice on 'Real Housewives of New Jersey'

Prior to filming the reunion specials, Teresa hadn’t spoken to most of the cast of Real Housewives of New Jersey in over a year. After a rough season 4, which included her allegedly setting up her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga in what became to be known as “Strippergate,” the cast has distanced themselves from Teresa, and many have even said that they are completely done with her. So it would seem to make sense that Bravo would have her go off on her own.

The source claims, “With Joe’s possible jail time they’re trying to iron out how this show would work, but they’re definitely pushing forward on it.” Joe is due to appear in court on October 1 but according to the prosecutor on the case, it will likely be postponed until 2013.

“People are starting to bore with the same old cat fights every episode so they need to change it up,” the source said. “And those Giudices will do anything to earn a dollar!!!” Of course they will. Do we need to mention Teresa’s In Touch covers?

So would you tune in for a heaping helping of Giudices? It seems that without the contrast of the Manzos, all the Giudice antics would be like white noise after a while, but I confess I would definitely tune in to see what it was like!

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