Teresa Giudice talks 5th child with Joe, considering surrogacy?

Teresa and husband Joe abusive?

Teresa Giudice and her husband Jo may have their hands full with their four daughters, but that’s not slowing them down any. Just a few weeks after divulging about her healthy sex life, Teresa is reportedly considering plans to have a fifth child with Joe and this time around, she’s hoping for a baby boy.

“Joe really wants a boy,” Teresa reveals to In Touch Weekly. “And he said we should get a surrogate to carry it!” According to the report, Teresa isn’t thrilled with the idea of getting pregnant, but would like another baby, so the idea of a surrogate might actually work for her. “He is really pressuring her,” a source explains. “If that’s what he wants, she may just give in.”

Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa, Joe, and Gia Giudice

With all that’s going on in Teresa’s life right now — her books, filming on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and taking care of her other kids — the forty year old’s body may not be at it’s healthiest, so a surrogate may be the best and safest way for her and Joe to have another child.

Back in 2009, Teresa and Joe had planned their final (at least at that point) attempt at having a son with Teresa undergoing in vitro fertilization. But once again, she had a baby girl — Audriana, now 3.

“Teresa’s happy with her family the way it is; she loves her four girls,” a Teresa pal says. But that doesn’t mean she’s not hoping for more and while she is a little hesitant, she’s also showing some excitement over the possibilities of a fifth child. In fact, she’s already got a name picked out for her son — “Franco, after my father-in-law,” she reveals.

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