Real Socialites: Nicole Richie’s mom Brenda Harvey & Paris Hilton’s aunts Kim and Kyle Richards to be Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills might be a showstopper. The Housewives franchise has never before brought together a cast of already pretty well known women, or at least they’re related to someone well known. They’re also probably the most truly wealthy ladies to ever grace the franchise.

Nicole Richie’s mom Brenda Harvey is now rumored to join Paris Hilton’s aunts, Kim &; Kyle Hilton, and restaurateur Lisa Vanderpump Todd on the Beverly Hills version of the show.

Brenda Harvey was married to Lionel Richie for almost 18 years, shortly after they formally adopted Nicole, who was nine-years-old and had been living with them as their daughter since she was around three. Her birth father is rumored to be Peter Michael Escovedo, a musician who worked with Richie and found it difficult to provide for Nicole financially.

Last month a source spoke to Radaronline about Lisa, Kim, and Kyles involvement with the show:

“Lisa, Kim and Kyle are all hideously wealthy,” a source close to the situation tells “They live in these amazing houses, drive beautiful cars, live these fabulous lives and spend money like it’s going out of fashion There’s definitely going to be more than a fair share of drama, cat fights and b*tchiness.”

Sounds like good TV. Hopefully the girls are flexing their credit cards, sharpening their claws. and developing story-lines as we speak.

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