Real Housewives of New York City gets official premiere date, powerhouse preview

Real Housewife of New York City Ramona Singer Season 4

All aboard!  It’s official folks, we can all purchase our tickets for another Ramona coaster ride in the Big Apple as Bravo has FINALLY announced an official, not going to change this time, premiere date for season 4 of The Real Housewives of New York City.  Are you ready?  Are you daring enough for more Zarin?  Have you got your dry martinis ready for a little sip and dip with Sonja?  Can you afford some more McCord?  Are you ready to be Countessing on your little fingers the days until we can do this? Drum roll please………

April 7th at 10PM EST!

This news is almost as wonderful as a Jill Zarin Zinger!  But you know what’s possibly even more wonderful than this news?  How about a seriously delicious ramped up season 4 preview video that succeeds in destroying rumors that the previous premiere was pushed back because of a lack of mama-drama. 

What makes me say that you ask?  How about Sonja Morgan explaining that she just needs a man to f**k her and then getting an H-O-T Victorian wardrobe party view of Miss Morgan’s badonk that reminded me of her “Show Me Your Best Burlesque” event.  Oh yeah, AND how about a blonde vs. brunette proclamation and the claim that Ramona insults an entire country in under 5 seconds!

Check it out:

That’s what I’m taking about NYC.  Just in case you missed it, or couldn’t catch the video where you’re at, or simply love you some RHNYC in the same way I do here’s that sexy view of Sonja Morgan while apparently on the sauce perusing through a wall of further fine wine opportunities:

Sonja Morgan in Victorian attire exposes her backside

Here are some great quotes from that powerhouse preview:

Countess to Alex: You came in your Herman Munster shoes.

Alex: They’re Louis Vuitton shoes.

Countess: Well even Louis Vuitton makes mistakes.

Sonja: I don’t need a man that has millions.  I need a guy that can f**k me and take care of me and you know has good values.

Sonja to a foreign snake: Is that venom or semen?

Alex about Sonja: She is a thug in a cocktail dress.

Ladies, we are ready, willing and able to rock and roll all night and take yet another bite of your big apples!