Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast announcement – who is coming back for Season 2?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills complete cast Camille Adrienne Kyle Kim Lisa Taylor

The premiere season of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was a huge success but there has been a lot of talk that one ore more of the cast members may not return for a second season.

Camille Donatacci Grammer emerged as the villain during the course of the season and many believed that the negative portrayal and her split from husband Kelsey Grammer (which happened while Bravo cameras were rolling) might mean she would not be back.

Kim Richards was exposed as an alcoholic on the show and many believed she would opt out of returning because of the emotional toll it was taking on her.

Taylor Armstrong’s marital woes and romanceless marriage to husband Russell was really painful to watch for fans of the show and even more so for Taylor and Russell, which had her name on the list of potential non-returnees as well.

So who is going and who is staying?

Apparently fame and money trump any and all concerns because is reporting EVERYONE WILL BE BACK for Season 2! Woo Hoo!

According to the site Taylor and Russell would like another shot to portray themselves better. Similarly, Kim and Kyle Richards are hoping to be better about how they act in front of the cameras.

And as for Camille? “She had the hardest decision to make after dealing with Kelsey so blatantly rushing to marry his mistress (Kayte Walsh), and she has her children to worry about,” reveals our insider. “But she is holding on strong for her children and we’ll be able to see how she deals with the grief in the new season. I’m sure she will show how dignified she can be in the face of her traumatic experience.”

So we can look forward to at least one more season of Adrienne Maloof, Taylor Armstrong, Kim Richards, Kyle Richards, Camille Donatacci, Lisa Vanderpump and Giggy! I can’t wait!

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