Random Olym-Pics: McKayla Maroney’s awesome vault caused judge’s jaw to actually drop

McKayla Maroney vault that dropped a judges jaw

The U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team obliterated the competition over in London as they took home the gold for America. The next closest competitor was Russia and they were lagging 5 points behind (which is a HUGE margin). It was such a dominating performance it has some asking if this is the greatest women’s gymnastics team America has ever assembled.

It was the first gold for the team since the memorable 1996 group that included the unforgettable injured Kerri Strug vault that landed victory in Atlanta. This time around there was yet another memorable vault due in part to a judge’s stunned reaction to how freakin’ spectacular it was.

McKayla Maroney literally dropped a jaw with the following insane vault:

Somehow that wasn’t deemed a perfect score but I think the one judge with jaw agape is not to blame. I would also like to introduce a new hashtag term for the Twitterverse vocabulary…

#DroppingJaws – An act of complete awesomeness.