Preview trailer video for Botched starring Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif

Botched plastic surgery reality show on E!

As we reported last week, Real Househubbies Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif will be starring in their own reality series on E! titled Botched. At the time we didn’t know much about the show, although it was assumed to be about Paul and Terry’s attempts to fix bad plastic surgery procedures. That assumption is confirmed by the just released preview trailer which features a number of Paul and Terry’s clients that will be featured in Season One:

“Our goal is to repair bad plastic surgery,” Paul says in the clip — and boy does it look like they have their jobs “cut out” for them!!! Among those looking for help is none other than professional plastic surgery show celebrity Justin Jedlica, the “real life Ken doll” who has turned his obsession with plastic surgery and quest to become a living doll into quite the industry with appearances on everything from The Doctors to TLC’s My Strange Obsession.

But perhaps my favorite client (judging from the trailer at least) is this woman, who seems to have a great sense of humor about her botched procedure:

Botched plastic surgery quote I went to get nip tucked and I got nip f***ed

And here’s another example of one of the HUGE, inflated challenges on Paul and Terry’s plate this season:

Botched lip injections

I will confess I am 100% compelled to tune in to see if they’re able to fix that! Talk about needing “lip”osuction!

Botched premieres Tuesday, June 24 at 9/8c on E!

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