PHOTOS VIDEOS Multitalented Judy Greer to star in Mad Love premiering tonight

Judy Greer Mad Love's Connie

CBS is set to premiere a new sitcom tonight called Mad Love. The show’s plot revolves around New York City couple Ben (Jason Biggs) and Kate (Sarah Chalke) as they kindle a romance that begins with a chance encounter at the top of the Empire State Building.

The pilot being aired tonight has received so-so reviews, but an almost universal plus from critics is their impressions of Ben and Kate’s BFFs Larry (Terry Labine) and Connie (Judy Greer). In a review posted by Mary McNamara with the LA Times she cheers on the show if only to see Labine and Greer get their shot at gaining an audience and an opportunity at sustaining recurring roles:

“That’s become something of a job description for both Labine (terrific in “Reaper” and the short-lived “Sons of Tucson”) and Greer (last seen doing her best in “Miss Guided”) so it’s difficult not to root for “Mad Love” if only because it would be nice to see these two on a regular basis. Certainly they are a funhouse-mirror match-up — Greer’s angular and defensive contemptuousness plays perfectly against Labine’s endomorphic life scholarship.”

I am certainly in McNamara’s corner when it comes to Greer.  She’s had an interesting career to date having made countless unforgettable guest spots in various movies (27 Dresses, Elizabeth Town, and The Wedding Planner) and television shows (Arrested Development and Miss Guided).  She really has the chops to carry a show if given the opportunity.

Here’s a shot of Greer with her daughter at the 18th Annual Camp Ronald McDonald For Good Times Halloween Carnival:

Mad Love's Connie, Judy Greer

You might be thinking,  “I recognize that girl but then again I’m not quite sure.”  Here’s a brief and enjoyable interview with Judy on how to make it in Hollywood to rekindle your Greer memories:

As it always is with new shows on network TV the verdict is still up in the air on Mad Love but I can almost guarantee you’ll enjoy Judy Greer and that her performance will only heighten the possibilities of the show making it past its first season run.

Here’s another geat shot of Greer, this time making a big old smiley face which is usually what I have when I see her on the big or little screen:

Judy Greer is Connie from CBS' "Mad Love"

And finally a preview clip of Mad Love featuring Judy as Connie followed by the official promo shot of Greer courtesy of CBS:

Official Promo Shot of Judy Greer for Mad Love:

Judy Greer as Connie on the show "Mad Love"

Top Photo: Paul Roberts/