VIDEO – Barbie and Ken are back together! Dating again after seven year break

Mattel’s Valentine’s Day gift to the word is getting Barbie and Ken back together after a long, difficult seven-year break (where Ken no doubt explored his sexuality and Barbie tried to excel in her 100,000 professional careers.)

Barbie confirmed her romance via Facebook, changing her status to “in a relationship,” and posting this comment:

Yes it’s true… after seven long years apart, Ken and I have decided to rekindle our romance. A doll knows when it’s love and I’ve finally realized that my heart only beats for Ken.

Apparently their love rekindled over social media outlets over the past few months after they reunited on the set of Toy Story 3. They plastic couple first met on the set of a Mattel commercial in 1961, and were together for 43 years before their devastating split on Valentine’s day 2004. Barbie then started dating Australian surfer Blaine (because who can’t resist an Australian surfer?)

Here’s a video of the blossoming social media love affair:

You can get your very own Barbie and Ken Gift Set for only $5 to commentate the momentous occasion. I mean, who hasn’t been bawling their eyes out over the past seven years over this breakup? Personally, I’m terribly dehydrated and my electrolytes are all out of balance. I’m gonna need a case of Gatorade through an IV with my Barbie and Ken Gift Set.