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Love & Hip Hop New York Season 8 brings a new player to the scene–and James R, Mariahlynn’s one-time boyfriend, wants the world to know all about his budding mogul ways. But who is James R? The show’s newest cast member has a plethora of irons in the hustling fire, not all of which are likely to make it to air.

For one thing, we know James likes to keep his dating life as lively as possible. We’ve already seen him present DJ Self’s protégé Mariahlynn with a “forever” necklace–only to have him try and boo up with Sophia Body the minute things with Mariahlynn went a little bit sour.

In fact, “playboy” is one of James R’s defining characteristics, as his Haverfordesque delivery and official LHHNY bio make quite clear:

Distinguished by his smooth vocal style and alluring confidence, James R. is a singer/songwriter with a multi-faceted talent lending itself to the captivating sounds of the hip hop and R&B. This Brooklyn-bred artist is graced with handsome good looks that have the ladies saying “Hello James R.”, including Love & Hip Hop’s Mariahlynn…but this playboy doesn’t seem ready to settle down.

James may ooze confidence, but he came from humble means. A recent Empire Boo Boo Kitty report appears to confirm that James R’s current net worth is in the six-figure range, and that he earned it all “through the relentless hard work he puts into his music.” However, music isn’t all he’s got going on–James R, like several of his Love & Hip Hop colleagues, is also out hustling his own clothing line.

The King of Hearts line apparently gets its name from James’ own nickname–his bio on the site’s main page features the moniker prominently. In keeping with the man’s burgeoning brand, his clothing often features his own slogans, along with what seems to be the official King of Hearts logo (or James’ official logo–or they’re the same thing).

Getting back to music, though, James’ biggest hit so far is probably 2015’s “That Ain’t Your Bitch”–which, as EBBK pointed out, is also the perfect title to describe what’s going on with the James R–Mariahlynn–Sophia Body love triangle at the moment. The track also features Remo the Hitmaker and Maino:

And here’s his most recent single, “Bah Gurl,” the video for which is the source of all the drama in the LHHNY sneak above. Thanks to its exposure on LHHNY, the song is all but certain to become James’ most popular in the coming weeks.

On a more personal note, James R is also a father to an adorable little girl. Unlike many of his Love & Hip Hop co-stars, he keeps her name and personal details out of social media updates involving her.

Oh–and every one of his IG updates involving her is more adorable than the last. Here’s proof:

And for those of you wondering what the “R” in his name stands for, James has a smooth answer for that, too:

You can follow James R on Instagram here, on Twitter here, and on YouTube here. And, of course, you can also see him in action when Love & Hip Hop New York Season 8 airs Monday nights at 8 on VH1.

(Photo credits: Who is James R via VH1)

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