Teen Mom Tyler’s dad Butch Baltierra in court for domestic violence arrest

Tyler Baltierra's dad Butch from the Teen Mom Season 3 finale

Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra’s dad Butch Baltierra was back in court Monday afternoon for a pre-trial hearing stemming from a September 8 domestic violence charge in which he allegedly hit his wife, and Catelynne Lowell’s mother, April Baltierra. As we reported earlier, the incident was the last straw for April, resulting in the announcement that the couple was getting a divorce.

According to online court records, 49-year-old Butch, real name Darl Lynn Baltierra, pleaded not guilty to the domestic violence charge and will be back in court on November 11 to face a jury trial. As a result of the September 8 arrest another no contact order has been put in place prohibiting Butch from coming in contact with April. MTV was reportedly in court to film the pre-trial hearing Monday, so I assume we will get to see this all play out in Season 4 of Teen Mom.

Teen Mom's Darl Lynn "Butch" Baltierra mugshot photo
^ Butch Baltierra’s mug shot photo from his
September 8, 2011 domestic violence arrest

Butch’s legal troubles, which include arrests for breaking and entering, larceny and home invasion – most all of which most likely stemmed from his drug abuse problems, are a huge part of Catelynn and Tyler’s story as the young couple desperately try to rise above their situation and find some sort of success and stability for themselves.

It was so compelling in the season finale when Butch asked Tyler if he could move in with him and Catelynn while he served out the remaining three months of his probation. Tyler and Catelynn weighed the pros and cons and decided that the chance that they could help Butch’s positive transformation far out-weighed the potential negative things that could happen. Catelynn and Tyler even came up with a list that might have seemed laughable to casual viewers, but things like “No illegal activities” and “No cops” were very important ground rules with someone like Butch.

The good-willed efforts of Catelynn and Tyler were for naught when it was revealed that Butch had once again been arrested. Catelynn’s little brother Nick, Butch’s step-son, was confused by how upset his mother April was and it was devasting watching that little boy’s optimism turn to despair. Catelynn brought it all home to me when she told Tyler that she was starting to understand what he had gone through having Butch as a father growing up.

Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra share an emotional moment in the Season 3 finale
^ Catelynn and Tyler share an emotional moment after Butch’s arrest

Catelynn often has to deal with fans of the show complaining, saying that because she and Tyler decided to give their daughter Carly up for adoption they shouldn’t even be on “TeenMom, but it was moments like the season finale that reminded me these two have a story that is perhaps more compelling than any of the others. And, as I have said many times before, this show is the continuation of a documentary on the lives of teen girls who gave birth and I think it’s great that we’re able to follow the lives of two young people that chose adoption (and chose adoption wisely, most would agree).

Catelynn and Tyler have matured so much over the last few years and I only hope they are able to continue their growth, even as their family lives continue to create drama and stress around them. I cant wait to see Season 4, which should reveal the two of them taking sizable steps forward in their lives in the form of college. I realize that they will forever be the biological parents of Carly, but I hope for their sake that they are able to psychologically move beyond that being their only identity. All indications are that they are well on their way and that the light at the end of the tunnel is getting very, very bright! So hang in there guys – you have a lot of folks (like me) pulling for you! Be strong, and no matter how difficult and painful things get, hold on to those hearts of gold!

I’m not sure if this fits the serious nature of this post, but I have to include this next screen cap from the Season 3 finale which includes a great photo of Carly and the absolutely best drawing of Butch ever!

Drawing of Tyler's dad Butch Baltierra from the Teen Mom Season 3 finale

It’s Yosemite Butch!

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