Amber Portwood says she wants her family back, is willing to remain drug free

Amber Portwood

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood had her plea deal accepted yesterday by Madison Circuit Court Judge David Happe which will allow her to enter a drug rehabilitation program in lieu of serving her five-year prison sentence for drug possession and violating her probation.

According to The Herald Bulletin Amber Portwood told the judge that she wanted her family back and wanted to remain drug free during her hearing. “I understand it’s going to be hard,” she said of the drug rehab program she will be attending in lieu of serving jail time, “but I have a lot to lose.”

The site also reveals that Amber intends to make good on her infamous laundry list of probation violations that included:

• Failure to complete 6 months of anger control evaluation and classes
• Failure to set up a $10,000 college fund for her daughter Leah
• Failure to obtain a GED
• Failure to pay probation fees of $56
• “Failure to behave well in society” (drinking too much and hitting a person at an IHOP in December)

Amber Portwood’s attorney Evan Broderick says that, as part of the plea deal, the $10,000 college trust fund will be set up once Amber is out of jail. Amber said she was already working towards getting her high school diploma at the time she was arrested and she will be paying her $56 in court fees once she is released.

From The Herald Bulletin:

Portwood told Happe she wants her life back and that she thinks about her daughter all the time, when before it was only the pills she thought of.

“I’m a better person when I’m off of them,” she said.

Bryan Williams, another attorney sitting with Amber and Broderick, says Amber had been very inquisitive about the rehab program. “We fully believe she understands what she’s up against …,” he said, “The reward is great if she can do it.”

Photo: Butterworth/Massie/SplashNews