Is Kim Zolciak really a nurse? Photo of her LPN nursing license

Kim Zolciak has had a lot of careers: reality star, golddigger, and waitressing at a strip-club, but she’s also a Licensed Practicing Nurse!

Mikala Lifa from Yahoo Shine! tracked down the “Tardy for the Party” singer’s licenses in both Connecticut and Georgia.

The evidence is right there folks, for all the naysayers who claimed that Kim Z.’s only anatomy lessons came from the stripper pole.

Kim got to prove her nursing chops on tonight’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, when ahe challenged Phaedra Parks’ friend Dwight Eubanks about Pheadra’s due date. Phaedra and Dwight were telling the world that the doctor was having her induced at less than 8 months pregnant, when any doctor wouldn’t dare do that because of the incredible risk to the baby’s health. Pheadra got pregnant before her wedding (she delivered in May, and one of  doctors confirmed that she was 40 weeks at the time of birth, which means she got married to her husband Apollo Nida after she conceived.) Their wedding was on the weekend of November 1, 2009, but she had to have conceived sometime in September, or maybe August. A full term pregnancy is really about 10 months.

Nurse Zolciak explained that one major reason why a doctor would never induce labor at 7-8 months: at that point the baby hasn’t formed a protein (surfactant) in the lungs that’s necessary to breath air. Get on with your medical knowledge self, Kim!

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