PHOTOS VIDEO Amber Portwood tells Maury Povich about prison life, counsels teen girls

Amber Portwood - Maury Povich

On today’s episode of The Maury Povich Show, Teen Mom‘s Amber Portwood dished tough love to teens who were headed down the same dangerous road she was on before prison.

“I’m not out here for publicity. I get enough of that. What I’m here for… I feel this. I feel this in my heart because I’ve lived this life. I’m 23 and I feel like I’ve already lived a full life,” Amber said. “The pain that I’ve experienced… You guys don’t even know. To be in prison for 17 months away from your kid? None of you guys have kids. But you’re lucky you don’t have kids. You don’t want that life right now!”

We got a great sneak peek of what we were in for yesterday — and today’s complete episode of “Sex and Drugs Are Going to Kill My Teen Girls… Stop Them” didn’t disappoint.

It began with introduction of four wayward teens who occupy their time with drinking, smoking, sleeping around and (apparently) yelling insults at Maury’s audience. Each of the girls had rebuttals for Maury’s suggestions, but really perked up with Amber started talking.

“Listen to me and listen good. You all drink and use drugs? I did that too. You all want to have sex and get pregnant? I did that and had a baby. You all want to fight and cause drama? Yep, I did that too,” Amber said in an introduction. “You know where it landed me? In jail for 17 months. I had to clean toilets and eat disgusting prison food. You think you can handle all that? I don’t.”

When she came out on the stage, Amber said she was physically shaking because she could see herself in all of the girls.

“I didn’t have anybody to sit there and tell me ‘you’re doing wrong.’ I did it myself,” Amber said to the girls. “You guys have your moms on stage with you right now. They care about you. They love you.”

Amber Portwood Maury Show May 2014

Later in the show, Amber sat down with the girls backstage to share some harsh truth about prison life.

“You know what? When you’re getting jumped in the bathroom by three girls, you learn to shut your mouth. You’re not the biggest and baddest. You’re not,” Amber said, hoping to scare them straight. “I hope you guys get something out of today and I hope you get something out of meeting me.”

Finally, Amber took the girls to a homeless shelter in downtown New York City to teach them what it’s like to help others — or to give them a taste of typical prison chores.

“This is not a joke,” Amber said during a conversation with one confrontational 16-year-old. “I’m passionate about this and I don’t want you to live that life. It’s nothing but heartache and pain.”

The real highlight of the show was when Amber revealed she’s still sober and rebuilding her life. Major kudos to her!

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