PHOTOS RHOC’s Lizzie Rovsek modeling her Sun Kitten Swimwear line

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Last week The Real Housewives of Orange County fans finally got to meet the show’s newest three cast members: Elizabeth “Lizzie” Rovsek… and her boobs. (That was for you, Tamra!) This gorgeous brunette former beauty queen and mother of two is more than what so pleasantly meets the eye, however. In addition to being a full-time housewife, Lizzie also owns and does the designs for Sun Kitten Swimwear!

Sun Kitten Swimwear Lizzie Rovsek modeling a bridal bikini

“Sun Kitten is my swimsuit line, which I own and design,” Liz told Reality Tea in an interview last week. Lizzie then shared the line’s origin story:

I started sketching while pregnant with my first son Preston. After leaving LA and quitting the acting business, I got married and moved to San Diego. I quickly found myself pregnant and complacent. Hence, my creative juices started flowing, and before long I found myself using the degree that I graduated college with — a BS in Fashion Design, Merchandising and Textiles.

Real Housewives of Orange County Lizzie Rovsek bikini photo

If you visit you will see lots of great swimsuits being modeled by 2013 Miss California USA, Mabelynn Capeluj. So why didn’t Lizzie, who was Miss Kentucky USA in 2002, model the line herself? She did! At least the first time around.

“When I came out with my first collection, I did in fact model my line,” she says, as evidenced by the photos in this post of Lizzie sporting Sun Kitten Swimwear. To be able to model her new line after her pregnancy was a big goal for Lizzie, and helped motivate her to get into pre-pregnancy shape, which apparently took less than six months! “I lost all my baby weight and did the Sun Kitten shoot five months post-baby,” she says. “I was proud of myself and I cherish those pictures.”

RHOC Elizabeth Rovsek Sun Kitten Swimwear bridal bikini

So why did she choose to hand the Sun Kitten Swimwear modeling baton over to another? “When you model your own line, too much stress is focused on you,” Lizzie reveals, “and I prefer the focus on my suits and the work.”

Kudos to Lizzie for her pre-Housewives success, and we look forward to getting to know her better during the course of the rest of the season! Meanwhile, let’s take Lizzie’s advice and “focus on the suits” shall we? We can do that with a couple throwback screen grabs from featuring Lizzie:

sun kitten swimwear Elizabeth Rovsek model

sun kitten swimwear Lizzie Rovsek modeling a sexy bikini on

Be sure to catch Lizzie Rovsek and the rest of The Real Housewives of Orange County with new episodes every Monday at 9/8c on Bravo! I’m betting we’ll see Lizzie sporting one of her suits before the end of the season!

Photos: Sun Kitten Swimwear

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