VIDEO PHOTOS 3 women arrested after celebratory twerking outside City Hall

Brittany Medak Christie Valazquez Coura Leokham Yothsombath 3 girls arrested for twerking in Beaverton Oregon

In future reality show stars news, three young women from Beaverton, Oregon were arrested Monday after they celebrated paying a court fine by reportedly twerking outside of City Hall and exposing their hometown body parts, so to speak. In addition, one of the young ladies put icing on their celebratory cake by lifting her skirt and peeing between parked cars while another captured it all on video with her cell phone. They were later stopped by police and found to be in possession of numerous drugs.

The trio of booty poppin’ mamas, who I’d like to be the first to dub “Ménage à Twerk,” were visiting municipal court together so that 20-year-old Christie Valazquez Coura could pay a fine for a warrant. After successfully paying the fine, Christie and pal Brittany Medak, 20, decided to put on a Miley Cyrus stage show just outside Beaverton City Hall, right in front of courthouse windows.

Either during the course of twerking or immediately after, Christie and Brittany reportedly exposed their genitals — all while Leokham Yothsombath, 22, filmed the entire thing on her phone. “Medak then lifted her skirt and urinated between two cars,” Beaverton police spokesman Officer Mike Rowe said. “This was all witnessed by several court employees.”

Soon after Medak marked their territory, Ménage à Twerk hopped in a car and drove away. However, the girls had been reported by eye witnesses and were pulled over by cops nearby. Officer Rowe says police found prescription drugs, meth, cocaine and marijuana in their possession, and all three were arrested.

Brittany Ann Medak mug shot arrested in Beaverton Oregon for twerking, urinating and drug possession
Brittany Ann Medak (mug shot photo above) has been charged with disorderly conduct, offensive littering, tampering with drug records, possession of prescription drugs schedule 4 and possession of marijuana.

Christie Velazquez Coura mug shot arrested for twerking and drug possession in Beaverton Oregon
Christie Velazquez Coura (mug shot photo above) is charged with disorderly conduct, possession of prescription drugs schedule 2 and possession of methamphetamine.

Leokham Yothsombath mug shot arrested after twerking incident in Beaverton Oregon
Leokham Yothsombath is charged with possession of cocaine, possession of prescription drugs schedule 4, tampering with drug records and possession of marijuana.

I did a little background research on the ladies of Ménage à Twerk, and it was no surprise to discover a slew of tweets and photos expressing a profound admiration for Miley Cyrus, drugs and not giving a f***. Check out this Miley Cyrus retweet by Christie in which she laughingly ponders how to join the McTwerk Team:

Chistie Velasquez Coura tweets Miley Cyru McTwerk Team photo prior to her twerking arrest

And confirming what many expected, and I’m sure not what Brittany’s lawyer will want to see, she tweeted “going to get high , BYYYYE.” with a red-cheeked emoticon on the day she was arrested.

It appears as though the girls have been released, and at least two of them have taken to social media to address their arrest. Leokham “Leo” Yothsombath wanted to be very sure that she cleared her name by clarifying that “it was not methephetamin [sic] it was MOLLY that was obviously cut… Geez.” She later added, “Don’t bother texting or calling my phone they took that away from me.”

Beaverton twerk cell phoe videographer Leokham Yothsombath facebook post

She should really try her best to get her phone back, because as one commenter points out on another Facebook post, “I bet you can bank off that video…probably 10-15 grand.”

Leo Yothsombath facebook

I’m sure TMZ is frantically trying to get in touch with Leo as I type.

Leo later returned to Facebook and revealed she is considering legal action against the police:

Leokham Yothsombath facebook post about twerking drug possession arrest

Christie took to Twitter to also clarify the very important fact that they had ecstasy. “The exaggeration is real. Molly Molly Molly,” she tweeted today.

It’s unclear if any of the gals will be facing any serious jail time, but if so, they should look into whether or not the Washington County Jail has any sort of twerk release program. 😉

Actually, if they are facing serious time, as a show of solidarity, Miley Cyrus could record a Live At Washington County Jail album a la Johnny cash’s Folsom Prison!

When I was just a tweenie, Miley Cyrus told me, lass,
Always be a bad girl, don’t ever rest your ass.
And I flashed a court in Beaverton just to be a jerk.
When I hear ol Miley singin’, I lift my skirt and twerk…

To wrap things up, here’s a video report from KPTV Fox 12 Netwerk News:


Top photos: Beaverton Police Department
Mug shot photos: Washington County Jail
Facebook screen shots:

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